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Asgaya Gigagei

“Va'ôhtama. Welcome to my home. Please, come in”.
Name: Unknown true name
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Approx. 40's-50's (formerly)
170+ (immortal)
Date of birth: Early-Mid 1700's
Place of birth: Black Hills Forest, Maryland
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Nanticoke People
Profession(s): Shaman
Previous partner(s): Doc Holliday
Jonathan Prye
Personal status
Status: Alive (cursed)
Game(s): Blair Witch Vol. 1: Rustin Parr
Blair Witch Vol. 3: The Elly Kedward Tale

Asgaya Gigagei is a main character and ally of the games, Blair Witch Vol. 1: Rustin Parr and Blair Witch Vol. 3: The Elly Kedward Tale.

He is a Native American shaman that offers wisdom and guidance to the strange and spiritual happenings of the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland.


Blair Witch Vol. 1[]

In his first appearance, Asgaya is an older Native American man with a round belly, heavily wrinkled face, dark tan skin, gray neck-length hair, and light blue eyes. He wears a light blue button-up shirt under a tan animal-hide vest, gray trousers, moccasin shoes, and a beaded headband.

Blair Witch Vol. 3[]

In the prequel 155 years prior in 1786, Asgaya is a somewhat younger man with smoother skin and a more refined build. He wears a bear headdress, animal-hide pants, moccasin shoes, and is bare-chested.


Asgaya throughout every interaction has shown vast undeniable wisdom. Beyond that, he has a very mysterious but welcoming and well-mannered presence. He looks beyond the exterior and sees a person as they are within. He's always willing to help and is truly selfless, thinking about the greater good rather than himself. Always taking the righteous side of good against evil, no matter the prejudice or prior circumstances of himself or his people.


Asgaya is a native of the Nanticoke people in the Black Hills Forest near the original location of Blair township (would later become Burkittsville), born sometime in the early or mid-18th century. For many generations his people had offered tribute and sacrifices to the dark spirit Hecaitomix in return for his protection and favor. But when white settlers came to the area, unaware and ignorant of the dark spirit, and paid him no tribute he grew blind with hatred and now seeks to punish and torment all people within the area. Eventually planning to conquer the world by kidnapping children to feast on their blood and pain to make humans die out. Later on in his life, Asgaya became a powerful shaman and lives in solitude deep within the forest, crafting medicines and practicing spiritual insight into planes of existence. Knowing of the growing threat Hecaitomix poses, he waits patiently for help from others that can help put a stop to the demented dark spirit.


Blair Witch Vol. 1[]

On her second day of investigating the mysterious murders of Burkittsville, Doc Holliday leaves the town and into the forest. After wandering around almost aimlessly, she finds Parr’s burned house and inspects it, noticing some partial writing but it's too burned to make out. She finds nothing of interest and decides to go look for Coffin Rock. Once she leaves the vicinity of Rustin‘s home, the forest immediately turned very dark and rainy, leaving Holliday thoroughly confused. After wandering about, the forest suddenly returned to normal as if it never happened. She had picked up a strange audio signal on her recorder and found a roughly human-shaped arrangement of stones and sticks, she leaves it be and takes a picture. She reviews the audio recording and hears her own voice calling out to the Stranger despite never actually saying those words. She soon finds Coffin Rock and immediately gets the strong impression that it is in fact a place that has witnessed evil. But she has yet to witness anything of a supernatural threat and can’t warrant a full investigation from Spookhouse until doing so.

She decides to go back to town and report that she’s found nothing conclusive. When leaving the area, she notices the arrangement of sticks and stones was gone. She continues on but ends up getting completely lost. Out of nowhere, a white owl guides her through the woods to the home of Asgaya Gigagei for the first time. He welcomes her and cautions her not to use her true name but promises to protect it. He explains that the white owl Holliday followed is called Ne-Ahs-Jah, a great symbol of wisdom that reveals itself to the worthy. He asks what it is she seeks, and she said that she’s looking for her niece. He saw immediately through her lie and told her that she doesn’t need to lie. He tells her of her two brothers to demonstrate his perception. Convinced, she tells the truth of what she’s looking for. They have a short conversation about the Witch and other things of the forest. He gives her a twana amulet called Givn-ur, meaning “sight”, to help her find her way out of the forest. She leaves and discovers a few things she never saw beforehand. Including demonic dogs, animated stickmen, and shadow creatures. Just before reaching town, she faces off against a gigantic shadow scorpion until it’s destroyed. She goes to the inn and rests.

The following day Holliday goes back into the forest, she heads for Asgaya’s home and shows him the twana found in Parr’s cell. He explains it is just a bundle of sticks, but the figure just needs magic and places it in a bowl of dust. He tells her that she has learned much and that there is more to learn and some things that he’s not allowed to say. But does inform her that she’s headed in the right direction with her investigation. She asks about a wooden structure she saw near Parr’s house and is told that it’s a path to a parallel dimension where time and place don't work normally and advises her to go with caution.

She goes to the pathway and uses the twana on it, she enters and discovers that the forest is the same, but everything is different and feels wrong. She cannot walk back the path she came from and is trapped. She goes to Parr’s house and finds it completely intact as if it was never set on fire. Throughout the inside, she finds diary pages by Rustin Parr. Going up to the top floor, she finds a morbid drawing of a boy on Coffin Rock with a looming figure over him drawn in blood. On the opposite wall were blood-drawn symbols, a strange map with many branching paths, and another twana that accesses the real world. She lastly heads down into the basement and discovers Michael Williams facing a corner with Kyle Brody speaking to him and Heather Donahue screaming in complete horror while recording Michael with a camera, she doesn’t take notice of the existence of either Kyle or Holliday. They are both film students from 1994 documenting the Blair Witch. Seconds later, Heather is struck dead by an unseen force. Both her body and Michael completely vanish without a trace. Kyle runs off but Holliday doesn’t give chase, instead, she investigates Coffin Rock and finds a teddy bear with the stuffing torn out of its belly. Holliday takes the mutilated toy and goes back through the pathway using the twana she found at the house, bringing her back to the normal world.

She tries to make her way back to town but is once again unexpectedly taken to the parallel dark forest. The trees block her way, and a large wooden spider creature called a Djien. She eventually defeated the monster and is greeted by the presence of Jonathan Prye, a witch-hunter from 1786. They exchange some information but are short on time, he says that he will leave his journal for her in the caves near Coffin Rock once he’s finished his work. He gives her farewell and says they fight the same enemy.

Holliday arrives back in the real world not long after her encounter with Prye and catches a glimpse of someone watching her from afar. Then the white owl, Ne-Ahs-Jah, reappears to guide her back to Asgaya. She talks about her encounter with the witch-hunter from over 100 years ago, confused if she went back in time or if he was brought forward. Asgaya explains it as a convergence, saying that when the path bends the right way the forest can be seen as it is in the past or as it will be in the future. Further adding there is no “time” when on the paths, only “place”; they are past, present, and future all at once. They further converse about the witch and Kyle Brody, then Asgaya reveals that the boy is merely a vessel for the evil demonic spirit, Hecaitomix. He explains that the demon has inhabited the Black Hills for countless millennia, long before mankind came into the world. He is the last person alive that knows how to drive the demon out of a human host. He offers Holliday a special twana and tells her all she must do is touch it to Kyle Brody. But once the demon is freed, he’ll return to the forest. He tells of a vulnerability, a dark realm that can imprison Hecaitomix and render him powerless for 1,000 years. But the true name of the realm is unknown. Holliday mentions the journal of Prye that could possibly contain the name. She leaves for Coffin Rock and finds it, then returned back to Asgaya. He talks about a story his grandfather told him when he was a child about Bleeding Boy. The boy was a part of the first tribe to live in the area and Hecaitomix took him to a dark path, cut open his belly on Coffin Rock, and makes him never die. The demon gains power from the boy's pain and blood. His tribe attempted to save him many times, but many of their warriors perished. The name of the path for Bleeding Boy is in the journal. Holliday soon comes to a realization about the teddy bear, it was the Mr. Brownie that Mary had mentioned. Asgaya asks about her and deducts that Hecaitomix intends to add Mary Brown to his feast on Coffin Rock. He then comes up with a plan that can allow Holliday to free Bleeding Boy and trap Hecaitomix at the same time. But first must go back to town and protect Mary Brown.

Blair Witch Vol. 3[]

In 1786, a full year after Elly Kedward was found guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to exile and death by freezing to death during the harsh winter, a former priest and witch hunter named Jonathan Prye traveled to Blair township to investigate the strange circumstances of missing children and claims of the witch exacting her revenge from beyond the grave to rediscover his own broken faith in God.

Some time after he recovers the first of the missing children at Coffin Rock and given weapons to aid him in his efforts and a map to Elly Kedwards house by the imprisoned witch Elizabeth Styler, he travels into the forest a second time and white spirit wolf beckons him to follow deep within the woods. He is eventually lead to a wigwam (Native American home) and Asgaya welcomes Jonathan, introducing himself as Shaman of the Nanticoke. He has a discussion with Jonathan about the history of his people’s relationship with the dark spirit, Hecaitomix, what his motives are for the captive children and that he must travel to other planes of existence. Jonathan is at first very skeptical of what he has been told and intends to go to the Kedward home despite the warnings. Asgaya lets him go and waits for his return for when he is needed.

After his failed attempt of facing the demon at the Kedward house and forcefully and humiliatingly removed, Jonathan went back to Asgaya’s home and admitted he does not have the courage or strength to fight the evil he encountered. The native man then offers reassurance and a magic voodoo doll that will allow him to see his own fear and make a rattling noise when danger lurks nearby. He then gives him one last encouragement to go back to the witches house and face the demon.

Jonathan faced down and killed the demon as well as freeing a second child, a young native boy named Ayawamat. Once exiting the house, Asgaya approaches and gives thanks on behalf of his village, saying that he’s brought back hope and courage for them. Jonathan is then much more eager and willing to listen and learn what he must know. Asgaya gives insight into the Spirit and Demon plane, for these two planes are where the remaining children are being held. He is told the location to the Spirit gate within the forest and the twana meant to open it, but Asgaya could not offer the location of the Demon gate since it’s been cloaked in secrecy for 20 generations. As a parting gift, Asgaya teaches him a healing spell and a Y-shaped stick to cast it. Once Jonathan finds the Spirit gate and enters its respective plane, Asgaya briefly appears and gives a short explanation of the Spirit plane as well as the dangers that lie within. Not wanting to be discovered in the Spirit plane, he leaves and tells Jonathan to return to him once he has completed his task.

After leaving the Spirit plane, Jonathan is tasked by Elizabeth Styler to save the Great Tree that lies at the center of the forest and then to retrieve the bones of a Native warrior in order for her to construct the necessary twana to open the Demon gate. Before delivering them, he goes to Asgaya’s home a final time. The native man explains that the time draws near to face Hecaitomix in the Demon plane and give a magic vial of raindrops that are from a powerful storm that raged 1,000 years ago and taught how to use it. Asgaya gives him more encouragement and Jonathan offers his thanks for the help and wisdom he has been given.

After the bone twana was made, Jonathan lead to the location of the hidden Demon gate by Tawiscara, the dark wolf, and killed the creature after being doubled crossed. After activating the gate hidden deep within a dark cave and fighting his way through the dangerous Demon Plane, Jonathan faces off against the demon, Baal, and kills him. Suddenly Hecaitomix himself appears and subdues Jonathan after they exchange words, almost killing him. Before the final blow could be delivered, Hecaitomix’ attention is focused on Asgaya as he approaches the dark spirit and demands Jonathan’s release. Hecaitomix laughs and confidently boasts that it is too late and tells him to return from where he came. In an act of selflessness, Asgaya casts a powerful spell on Hecaitomix in an attempt to stop him, at the cost of sacrificing his own mortality. He becomes cursed with immortality and his soul can never find rest on the Spirit Plane and join his ancestors. Hecaitomix is temporarily dispersed and Jonathan is able to gather himself and gives a heartfelt blessing to the cursed man. Asgaya then rushes Jonathan to leave the crumbling Demon Plane and stop the evil ceremony taking place to bring Hecaitomix into a human vessel. Asgaya himself is eventually able to escape and returns to his home and waits for the next brave person to give guidance for when the dark spirit will inevitably return.


Being a shaman, Asgaya does not have weapons to fight with but does have powerful and useful magical objects that he has passed on to others.

  • Medicinal Herbs: A bag of healing plants that can restore large amounts of health.
  • Voodoo Doll: A small, enchanted sack doll that makes a rattling noise when near the presence of evil or danger.
  • Healing Stick: A Y-shaped stick adorned in feathers and Native American charms that can restore a small amount of health when shaken.
  • Rain Vial: A blue vial of raindrops from a brutal thunderstorm that raged a thousand years ago. Once broken, a brief localized storm will be summoned and lightning will strike down on enemies.

Powers and Abilities[]

Asgaya is a powerful and wise shaman and has practiced his craft for many decades. His knowledge of the natural and spiritual worlds were critical to the eventual defeat of Hecaitomix.

  • Shamanism: HIs primary power is to perceive and contact the spiritual world as a powerful shaman of his people.
  • Clairvoyance: He is able to acquire information using sight outside the normal range of detection.
  • Immortality: A curse of eternal life brought upon himself by casting a spell on the dark spirit, Hecaitomix, giving up his mortality. He will never be able to find rest on the spirit plane.


  • Master Shaman
  • Expert Healer
  • Medicine Crafting
  • Enchanter
  • Knowledge of the Supernatural/Spiritual



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