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BloodRayne: Betrayal

BloodRayne Betrayal (Cover)
Developer(s): WayForward Technologies (PS3, X360)
Abstraction Games (PC)
Publisher(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
NA Majesco Entertainment
JP Arc System Works

Microsoft Windows
WW Midnight City
Ziggurat Interactive (Fresh Bites)
Composer(s): Jake Kaufman
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Nintendo Switch
Release date(s): PlayStation Network
NA September 6, 2011
EU September 6, 2011
JP May 1, 2014

Xbox Live Arcade
NA September 7, 2011
EU September 7, 2011

Microsoft Windows
WW April 30, 2014
WW September 9, 2021
PlayStation 4 & 5
WW September 9, 2021
Nintendo Switch
WW September 9, 2021
Genre(s): Action, hack and slash, platform
Mode(s): Single-player

BloodRayne: Betrayal is a 2011 side-scrolling action platformer. It is the third title in the BloodRayne series. Unlike the previous 3D hack 'n slash games before it, this game is a 2D side scroller. In Japan for PlayStation 3 is published under the name BloodRayne: Crimson Slayer on May 1, 2014. The game had an enhanced version with the subtitle “Fresh Bites” released to modern platforms and PC on September 9, 2021.


Rayne, has to battle and feed in a brand new hack ‘n slash adventure. Slay ghastly enemies as Rayne, the sexy dhampir with superhuman strength, speed, and agility, recruited by the vampire hunting Brimstone Society for one last mission. The target is a lavish, yet sinister ball in a secluded castle with plenty of dark and gruesome surprises. With the help of a mysterious friend and members of Brimstone, Rayne must infiltrate the manor, take out the fiendish horde, and stop an evil master plot once and for all.

Rayne concept art


  • Kill evil vampire scum in 15 challenging levels across multiple unique acts, including: The Forest, The Attic, and The Freaky Ballroom.
  • Meet new characters along the way, including a mysterious shape shifter.
  • Feed on enemies and refuel your blood reserves in gruesome new ways, including the Blood Fountain.
  • Solve environmental puzzles including Blood Seal, Grinder Switch, and Rising Blood Tower.
  • Punishing combat skills deliver Rayne’s intense brutal fatalities:
    • Infection: Enemy vampires bloat and explode when triggered.
    • Heel Stomp: Instant-kill enemies after laying them out.
    • Drain: Bite and drain your enemy’s blood to restore your health.
  • Full arsenal of lethal weapons, including Rayne’s signature arm blades and super guns.
  • Battle a variety of new enemies and deadly bosses including Flying Parasites, Blood Balloons, Elite Guards and more!


BloodRayne: Betrayal received polarized critical reception. Whereas some reviewers, such as those writing for Joystiq and IGN praised the challenge of it, others, such as GameSpot, felt it was too frustrating. Jim Sterling, who at the time was a reviews editor for Destructoid, went so far as putting it on his top 10 worst games of 2011 for its terrible controls and handling and obscene amount of enemies thrown at the player.



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