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BloodRayne: Revenge of the Butcheress

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Release date: November 2009
Colorist: Edemilson Alexandre
Writer: Chad Lambert
Penciler: David Miller

"Rayne uncovers a plot to awaken an army of Nazi zombies lead by...the Butcheress!! The fan-favorite villainess from the first video game makes her blood-soaked comic book debut. Dark Rayne and Ferril also drop by for what's sure to be the cat fight of the year!"

BloodRayne: Revenge of The Butcheress is a one-shot comic book released by Digital Webbing.


While planning their raid on Zerenski's party, Rayne suddenly has a flashback to some of her forgotten past. Seeking out the truth, She heads to Slovakia, where an old enemy thought long dead returns to greet her, along with the truth behind those lost memories...


In an ancient map room within the Brimstone Society, Rayne and Severin are making plans for their infiltration of Zerenski's party. Suddenly, Rayne receives flashbacks to some forgotten memories, in which she can see herself being tortured by a mysterious woman, along with Nazi imagery. Shocked, Rayne realizes something is wrong, and finds a map of Slovakia, much to Severin's shock. Her memories indicate she needs to go there, to a place called Cachtice Castle.

Rayne heads to the castle, musing that in her long time as a Dhampir, she had never forgotten anything. Her memories of this castle in Slovakia were taken from her, and she is here to find out what happened.

As she approaches the castle, she is suddenly attacked by a zombie which she easily defeats. She continues to fight her way into the castle, only to be shocked to see The Buctheress alive and well.

The Butcheress attacks Rayne, explaining that although Rayne knocked her into the Daemite pit, that the Daemites would never harm her. They even protected her from the fire that Rayne used to burn them all. During their fight, Rayne wonders why The Butcheress would want to ressurect her dead army. The Butcheress explains that many of the G.G.G officers were experimentally enhanced, with some being injected with Daemite larvae. She then notes that Rayne already knows this, to which Rayne wonders how.

The Butcheress explains that Rayne herself was brought to this castle around 1930, as The Butcheress was looking for virgin blood. However, as Rayne was a Dhampir, she tested the Daemite Larvae on Rayne. Through her experiments, The Butcheress learned that the Daemite Larvae could resucitate a desceased human being once the Daemite Queen's life cycle ended. Despite this, The Butcheress notes that the life cycle of the Daemite Queen could last almost 80 years. She deduces that the larvae injected into Rayne was mostly destroyed by Rayne's immune system, while the rest of it likely crawled into Rayne's brain which blocked Rayne's memories of that event. When Rayne's memories returned, as did The Butcheress' army.

Defeated, Rayne hauls herself up on a bathtub filled with blood, presuming it's virgin blood. The Butcheress tells her it's how the Bathory women maintain their vigor. She then proceeds to stab Rayne through the gut with her bonesaw. Her men then throw Rayne outside as The Butcheress muses her revenge on Kagan, wanting to obtain the Vesper Shard from him.

Gravely wounded, Rayne is thrown to The Butcheress' revived army, including an enormous spider demon. The creature stomps a hole near her, in which Rayne falls. Suddenly, Dark Rayne is brought forth, and she climbs from the hole and quickly dispatches the large demon. She then notices another warrior fighting off The Butcheress' army - It's Ferril. The pair continue to fight off the zombies and Ferril reveals that she had set traps under the castle in order to blow it up. Rayne helps her finish the job by igniting one of the zombies and throwing it into the sewers to cause an explosion.

Meanwhile, The Butcheress is enjoying a virgin blood bath, when she starts to smell gas. Suddenly the entire castle explodes.

Far away from the burning ruins of the castle, Rayne is back to her normal self, wondering what happened.

She looks at the burning castle and wonders if The Butcheress is really dead, although she doubts it.






  • Twin Blades
  • Bone Saws
  • Claws
  • Explosives


  • Rayne vs Zombies
  • Rayne vs The Butcheress
  • Dark Rayne & Ferril vs Zombies

Behind the scenes[]

  • The idea for Revenge of the Butcheress was concepted as early as 2007, around the time that BloodRayne: Prime Cuts was released.
  • As with the Prime Cuts series, this comic is set within the continuity of the games.


  • This is currently the last released Comic in the BloodRayne series, being released November 2009,