Brimstone Society
Brimstone Society (Symbol)

Covert Organization:

International status

The Brimstone Society is a secret organization of individuals from around the world, who works to protect humanity from supernatural threats. After the Cult of Kagan incident, they have issued a zero tolerance for supernatural creatures, regardless of moral standing.


Destroy the Mutants in Mortton and rescue survivors. Status: Successful



Eliminate the G.G.G and their high level members. Status: Successful


Eliminate the Cult of Kagan and their vampiric horde. Status: Successful



  • Rayne is a Dhampir agent for the Brimstone Society.
  • Mynce is a dhampir who served as Rayne's mentor and a friend. She also worked as a double agent for Brimstone.
  • Severin is a Rayne's informant and partner
  • Tremayne is the boss.
  • DarkMan only can be seen in cutscene and heard via the radio transmission in BloodRayne.
  • Other Members (Infantry)


  • The symbol of the Brimstone Society is based, fittingly enough, on the alchemical symbol for sulfur or brimstone, also known as the Leviathan Cross.
  • The church's windows in Mortton have Brimstone Society symbols on them.


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