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Castle Gaustadt is the castle of Count Voicu Sr. in Germany. It appears in the games Nocturne and BloodRayne.


In a nearly desolate and mountainous region of Germany, Castle Gaustadt was built on the peak of a mountain and looms over the surrounding forested valley. For centuries, the castle and the surrounding area belonged to Count Voicu Sr. and inhabited by his followers after the reign of the Byzantine emperor, Andronicus Comnenus, in the 12th century. Voicu Sr. was the count of castle until his son, also known as Voicu, managed to separate his father from the source of his immense power, the Yathgy, long enough to weaken him. Once weak enough, Voicu Jr. overthrew his father, banishing him and the vampires loyal to him to the village of Falkenburg near the castle a century prior to the 1927 mission to Germany by Spookhouse. Many attempts had been made by the old vampire to retake his castle but were hampered due to Sentinels sent by his son and by the interference of feral Werewolves that live in the foothills near the mountain.



In 1927 the organisation Spookhouse sent its agents, The Stranger and Svetlana Lupescu, to infiltrate the village of Falkenburg, to recover Yathfo-Gyoule (Yathgy). In the village, they're encountered by Sentinels and Ghouls. After they kill the monsters, Count Voicu, whom they thought to be the mayor, tells them that a vampire Count has the relic in a castle outside the village. After arriving, Svetlana suddenly becomes hostile and attacks The Stranger, before escaping inside the castle. After the count's servant tips off the Stranger that the count has mind-controlled Svetlana in order to groom her, the Stranger enters the castle and kills the Count after battling his minions and brides, returning Svetlana to normal. "The mayor" suddenly appears in front of them, revealing that he was the Count's father and explaining the situation. He thanks the Stranger for killing his traitorous son, and promises not to abuse the relic. The Stranger and Svetlana leave with the Count's bride to-be, who is not turned into vampire.


By the time of BloodRayne most of the castle inhabitants had already been killed by The Stranger and Svetlana Lupescu. The remaining survivors would probably be killed by either Nazi Germany soldiers or Hedrox the Infinite's feral vampires. Count Voicu Sr. was killed by being thrown into water under a windmill by Hedrox.