Carpathian Dragons Edit

The Blood Gunyo

Carpathian Dragons

The Carpathian Dragons are the main guns of choice BloodRayne uses in the video game, BloodRayne 2.

These guns were said to be a sort of a myth by the Brimstone Society but indeed turned out to be real.

However not just anyone can really use these guns. The Carpathian Dragons need raw blood for it to be fired. The gun can be filled with other beings blood yet if you can not get that blood before it runs out, it will take your own blood from its grip.

This gun has a few different shooting modifications;

  1. Blood Spray: fast one shot blood bullets.
  2. Blood Shot: SMG type blood Bullets.
  3. Blood Stream: Machine gun type blood bullets.
  4. Blood Bomb: 1 shot blood bullets with a high splat radius.
  5. Blood Flame: flame thrower fast one shot type blood bullets.
  6. Blood Hammer: fast one shot rockets crafted by blood.

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