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D. Mauler
Infanterie-Kommandeur (Infantry Brigadier General)

D. Mauler
“What you have is not the only relic. Foolish little girl. You know nothing”.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of birth: Germany
Date of death: 1938
Place of death: Sub Bay Boiler Room, Argentina
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Nazis
Gegengeist Gruppe
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne
English voice: ?
Japanese voice: Kiyoyuki Yanada
Russian voice: Sergey Kutasov
Italian voice: Gianni Gaude
French voice: Unknown
Spanish voice: Salvador Serrano

D. Mauler was a human cybernetically enhanced by the Nazis and is the last boss of the Argentina mission.


A very large and muscular man with blonde hair and covered with cybernetic augmentations above his shoulders and neck. He wears military pants with suspenders, large steel-toe boots and also sports tattoos that show his affiliation with the Nazis and the G.G.G.


Mauler has as about as much personality as a brick wall to match his physique. He’s upfront, very blunt and dominant. While not stupid, he relies more on sheer power instead of wits. He seems to show respect for Wulf but almost none for anyone else. He severely underestimates Rayne and his pride literally leads to his downfall flat on his face and then dead on his back.


Mauler was a member of the Nazi army and G.G.G. But a lot of his ealier history is unknown. At one point he was experimented on and had cybernetics attached to him in an effort to show Aryan superiority, becoming the brute that Rayne faced.


Mauler was instructed by Jürgen Wulf to block Rayne’s path and kill her. Once they meet, he tells Rayne the the eye was not the only relic and the truth about Beliar's identity, adding that Von Blut knew nothing but lies. Lastly, he tell that the heart of Beliar is being looked for in Castle Gaustadt. Mauler falls to Rayne due to his sluggish speed and slow reaction time.


Mauler uses absolutely no weapons or gear to aid him in battle.

Powers and abilities[]

A brute with his physical size and strength greatly enhanced by the Nazis and covered with cybernetic augmentations, thus making twice as tall as a normal human.

  • Super Strength: Mauler uses brute force and his physical strength. His punches were strong enough to smash through concrete walls and steel beams. He can even clap his hands together hard enough to make sonic booms.
  • Super Durability: The high density of his muscles act as natural armor. Bullets and normal attacks don’t harm him, only attacks in Blood Rage cause damage to him.


  • Upon defeating Mauler on the PS4/PS5 and Steam remastered versions, you earn the trophy "Walls of Jericho".



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