Daemites are enemies in BloodRayne.

Pure DaemiteEdit

Pure Daemites are parasitic/predatory creatures that were awakened by the Nazis as they were searching for Beliar's skull. Despite not having any limbs and essentially being serpents, they are capable of standing up the entire length of their narrow bodies, making it difficult to hit them with bullets. They can easily be killed with one slash from Rayne's blades. While they lay on the floor dying, they will writhe and spasm on the floor, which can force player's attention to them to see if they truly are dead, taking attention off other Daemites, giving them a chance to attack. The only way to assure that they are dead is to use Aura Sense.

Parasitic DaemiteEdit


Humans posesed by Daemites

Parasitic, according to Dr. Báthory Mengele, who appears to be mainly in charge of the Daemite research, they force themselves into the body of the host, wrapping themselves around the spinal cord and tapping directly into the host's nervous system. They release digestive enzymes from their skin that eat the brain, to control the host like a puppet, and reproduce asexually in the chest cavity, although this is rarely seen in-game. They are hard to kill. They take more damage than a Nazi (human) and aren't afraid to fight to the death, as opposed to a Nazi retreating when its health is low (running off, calling for backup). Even when Rayne hacks off the limbs, the Daemite can still fight, as their body resides in the torso. Feeding doesn't kill it, as it only kills the body of the host, leaving Rayne to fight the Pure Daemite. Oddly, the Parasitic Daemite can be killed easily by a running slash attack, as Rayne usually aims for the head, and when they're on the floor, Rayne will usually kick off the head, killing them both almost instantly.

Daemite WarriorEdit

Daemite Warrior

The Daemite Warriors bear little resemblance of a Pure Daemite with exception to their three heads. Nothing is revealed about them, but they are possibly the guardians of the lesser Daemites because they guard the entrance to their chambers. They are very hard to kill, especially when they are in groups. They deal severe damage to Rayne, and can take a lot of damage in return. They can be killed easily during Blood Rage, as opposed to using regular melee attacks.


  • The Daemites appeared first in a previously game from Terminal Reality, Blair Witch vol. I: Rustin Parr, in a nightmare sequence where the heroine, Doc Holliday, wakes up and discovers that all of the town's people have turned into daemites.



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