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This page lists all easter eggs appearing in the BloodRayne series.


God's wrath[]

In the first mission of Mortton, Louisiana, the church, if either the large crucifix in the church or the small crucifix on the steeple is destroyed, a large crash of thunder strikes and the screen shakes, resembling God's wrath.

Ark of the Covenant[]

BloodRayne-Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant

During the Argentina missions, Rayne comes to a point where she must kill escaping officers. During which, in the level where an officer uses an elevator to run and removes the battery, there is a small room with a crate and shovel. Break the crate, and you will find a model of the "Ark of the Covenant" which is a direct reference to the Indiana Jones series, in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark by Steven Spielberg. In the movie, the Nazis are after the lost ark in order to win World War II by supernatural means, which coincidentally is the goal of the G.G.G.


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In the final level, Rayne can find two severed heads as the guns. Rayne can access them by shooting the cages at the top of the roof and then the severed heads will appear at the top on the up-most ledge. They can be collected like a gun and they have a spread and fire like a shotgun.

BloodRayne 2[]

Super Vampire Fighter

Super Vampire Fighter arcade game

During Meatpacking District - O'Leary's Cow level, there are two video game arcade cabinets. One of these two arcade machines has in it a game called Super Vampire Fighter, which is, in fact, BloodRayne.