BloodRayne 2-Ephemera
Name: Emily[1]
Alias: Ephemera
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Date of death: November 1, 2004
Place of death: Twisted Park
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Personal status
Relatives: Ferril - Sister
Rayne - Half-sister
Dariel Zerenski - Half-brother
Xerx Mephistopheles- Brother
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne 2
Comic(s): BloodRayne: Dark Soul
BloodRayne: Plague of Dreams
BloodRayne: Prime Cuts
English voice: Scarlett McAlister

Ephemera is one of Kagan's spawn and Rayne's younger half-sister.


Ephemera is dressed in black leather, with pale skin and eyes that resemble black pools. It is possible that Ephemera is blind and the shadows that surround her function like a cat's whiskers. There are belt buckles on her face that connect to a choker around her neck.


Ephemera is a clever and calculated individual, preferring to bide her time in the shadows and wait for the most opportune moment to strike as opposed to a head-on assault. She also shows little to no empathy for her family: Ephemera is rather nonchalant after learning about the death of Zerenski, she regards Xerx distastefully and refers to him as a mongoloid, she was directly responsible for the death of Ferril and she wants her father dead so she can assume control of the Cult of Kagan.


Ephemera is one of Rayne's half-sisters, who lead the Cult of Kagan with her siblings Ferril and Zerenski. Before the events of BloodRayne 2, Severin was under her spell and the two became lovers, but Rayne rescued him before he could be turned into a vampire and Ephemera went on a hunting spree to find him.


BloodRayne 2Edit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

She can use her sense of smell, as seen when she says "Smells like Slezz..." when Xerx introduces her to one of Slezz's children. It's presumed that she possesses all of the trademark abilities of most vampires though her senses, and strength are superior to Rayne's as she is a full blooded. Her most notable ability is manipulating shadows. Her body is surrounded by shadowy tendrils, which she presumably uses to sense the world around her as she may very well be blind. She is skilled in shaping them into physical objects like blades, and projectiles which prove to be highly effective in combat. Her body is often seen hovering a few inches above the ground allowing her to perform acrobatic flips in mid air, and quick lunges at her opponents. Though impressive it isn't shown whether or not she is capable of actual flight. Her ability to manipulate shadows allows her to appear, and disappear into shadow portals. Once there she can regenerate her physical form, and strengthen her powers.



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BloodRayne 2
BloodRayne: Betrayal