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BloodRayne 2-Ephemera
“Afraid there’s only room for one traitor at the top.”
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Date of death: November 1, 2004
Place of death: Twisted Park Japanese Garden
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Personal status
Relatives: Kagan (Father) †
Ferril (Half sister) †
Rayne (Half sister)
Dariel Zerenski (Half brother) †
Xerx Mephistopheles (Half brother) †
Unraveler (Half brother) †
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne 2
Comic(s): BloodRayne: Dark Soul
BloodRayne: Plague of Dreams
BloodRayne: Prime Cuts
English voice: Scarlett McAlister

Ephemera is one of Kagan's daughters and lieutenants, and therefore Rayne's older half-sister.


Ephemera is a female vampire with pale skin, long black hair, wears black lipstick and has eyes that resemble black pits.

She is dressed in an all-black leather outfit resembling a dominatrix suit. There are belts and buckles around her face and eyes that connect to a choker on her neck.


Ephemera is a clever and calculating individual, preferring to bide her time in the shadows and wait for the most opportune moment to strike as opposed to a head-on assault. She also shows little to no empathy for her family: Ephemera is rather nonchalant after learning about the death of Zerenski, she tolerates Xerx only for his genius and usefulness but otherwise doesn’t care for him, she was directly responsible for the removal of Ferril from the cults ranks and she wants to assassinate her father so she can assume control of the Cult of Kagan and the vampire kingdom he created. It’s her cold manipulative ruthlessness that made her the favored child of Kagan and his heir.


Ephemera is one of Rayne's half-sisters, who lead the Cult of Kagan with her siblings Ferril and Xerx. Before the events of BloodRayne 2, in 1996, Severin was under her spell, and the two became lovers, but Rayne rescued him before Ephemera could turn him into a vampire, and she went on a hunting spree to find him, eventually cutting her losses and moving on.


BloodRayne 2[]

Ephemera is first seen speaking with Xerx, informing him of Zerenski’s death. They are pleased that Zerenski’s party was successful in killing important figures within the city, leaving it vulnerable for their take over. Ephemera notes that there was an ‘interloper’ responsible for killing Zerenski, but she is still investigating. Xerx then shows Ephemera his new project – attempting to create a food source from the offspring of Slezz, although Ephemera claims it tastes horrible.

Later, Ephemera appears at the top of the clock tower at the union station. Frustrated, she throws a Kestrel into the gears of the tower causing it to explode and begin to fall apart. She confronts Rayne, shocked to learn she is only a dhampir. She realizes Rayne was the one who killed Zerenski and is curious as to Rayne’s motivation. The two engage in a fierce but brief fight as the clock tower begins to fall apart. Ephemera utilizes her teleportation skills to evade Rayne while attacking with dual blades and kunais. However, Ephemera seems to be only testing Rayne’s abilities and promptly retreats, intrigued by the dhampir.

Sometime after, Ephemera attempts to sneak up on Ferril but is quickly found out. She informs Ferril of Slezz’s death and notes her killer is likely to be in the area. Ferril scoffs and assumes Ephemera has her matters at hand. The sisters discuss their plans and their intentions to take over Kagan’s cult for themselves. Despite their partnership, Ferril warns Ephemera to never sneak up on her again, claiming to be the ‘fastest and the strongest’ to which Ephemera agrees.

Upon the destruction of the wetworks, Ephemera accompanies Kagan and his followers to discover what happened. Although Ferril tries to tell Kagan the destruction was caused by the ‘Rogue Dhampir’, she quickly realizes that Ephemera never reported on it. Ephemera then stabs Ferril in the back, informing her that despite Ferril’s strength and speed, she is the smart one. Although Ferril informs her that things are not over, Ephemera disagrees and throws her from the roof to her supposed death. Kagan orders the Shroud to be initiated and Ephemera to see to it. The city is then flooded with the Shroud, allowing vampires to roam freely in daylight.

Impressed at the effectiveness of the Shroud, Kagan orders Ephemera to create his realm, in which she initiates a series of explosions, causing massive destruction to most of the city, signifying the beginning of the vampiric age.

Later Ephemera sends her turned vampires into the twisted park. Rayne manages to best her followers and confronts Ephemera at the end of the park. Ephemera seems shocked that Ferril hadn’t killed Rayne and Rayne notes she saw how Ephemera sold Ferril out hard. She tells Rayne of her plans to kill Kagan and then retreats to a Japanese inspired garden. Ephemera is quick to goad Rayne by assuming she is talking to her old love, Severin, keen on paying him a visit. She warns Rayne that she is a sly one. Ephemera proceeds to infest several areas with shadow portals which allow her to quickly regenerate. Rayne avoids fighting Ephemera directly and with Severin’s help, focuses on destroying the shadow portals to make Ephemera vulnerable. She then faces Ephemera and bests her, telling her to rest in hell.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a full-blood vampire and daughter of Kagan, Ephemera is strong and has a unique affinity to shadows. Rather than brute force, she prefers strategy and quite literally working from the shadows.

  • Shadow Manipulation: The shadows are at her command, whether it’s nearby ones or coming from her body or her own shadow. The furthest extent of her manipulation is unclear.
  • Shadow Teleportation: She can almost instantaneously travel to near or far locations by diving into shadows that act as portals.
  • Shadow Regeneration: Unlike drinking blood, any time she merges into or teleports through shadows her wounds heal instantly. This can be impeded if the shadows are blocked or no longer cast.
  • Shadow Blades: Long blades of dark energy project from her hands and she uses them to deadly effect.
  • Shadow Shards: She can solidify shadows into pointed projectiles and throw them with great speed and accuracy.
  • Levitation: By her own will, Ephemera can float off the ground to a decent height and hover around. But she doesn’t possess true flight.


  • Upon defeating Ephemera on the PS4/PS5 and Steam remastered versions, you earn the trophy "Zen Garden".




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