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“Beautiful! The world is my jungle now! I’ll show you, Kagan. They’ll all fear my name”.
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Date of death: November 2, 2004
Place of death: Roof of Kagan’s Tower
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Personal status
Relatives: Kagan (Father) †
Ephemera (Half sister) †
Delinda (Half sister) †
Rayne (Half sister) †
Xerx Mephistopheles (Half brother) †
Dariel Zerenski (Half brother) †
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne 2
Comic(s): BloodRayne: Revenge of the Butcheress
English voice: Liza Gonzales

Ferril was a vampire and one of Kagan's daughters and lieutenants, and therefore Rayne's older half-sister.


Ferril is a tall female vampire with pale blue skin and ever-shifting black tattoos over her body and milky white eyes. She has long and wild midnight blue hair and red lips. She has black digitigrade feet with two clawed toes, each foot has a long organic stiletto heel. Her hands are also completely black with long extendable black claws she can project from her fingers.

Her body is always fully revealed as she wears no clothing.


Ferril is very proud and arrogant in nature, particularly when it comes to her self-proclaimed status as "the fastest and strongest", but she’s not a natural strategist and typically doesn’t think things through, preferring a straightforward approach. She has a quick temper, cusses enough to rival Rayne and seems to suffers from hubris, which explains why she is extremely prideful to be a vampire, seeing all dhampir as much lesser beings and wishing "good riddance" to all vampires who let a dhampir get the best of them (i.e. Slezz). Despite all of this, she still upholds a small sense of honor. She has a neutral view of Xerx and doesn’t see him as a threat to herself or what she has planned. She also has a tense rivalry with Ephemera who she thinks of as sneaky and conniving.


Ferril is first seen when Ephemera attempts to sneak up on her, but Ferril's senses are too attuned and she finds her. Ephemera informs Ferril of the demise of Slezz, although she isn’t moved by the news. Ephemera voices her concerns about a "Rogue Dhampir" that was responsible for Slezz's death. The sisters briefly discuss their plans to take over Kagan's cult, with Ferril excited for the surprise of their hostile take over. Just before Ephemera departs, Ferril gives her a very clear and vulgar warning to not sneak up on her again.

Ferril is tasked with overseeing the Wetwork factory; shipping in homeless, junkies and hookers like cattle to a slaughterhouse to develop the "Shroud". She witnesses a test run of the Shroud with Xerx, and is pleased when she learns that the Shroud will work, allowing vampires to walk freely in daylight under the Shroud’s cover. She proceeds to gather the final shipment of people to the factory, preparing to pump out enough Shroud to cover the entire city.

Unfortunately for her, Rayne appears in the loading bay, causing havoc in Ferril's factory; destroying machinery and fending off many of her men. Ferril confronts Rayne, inviting her to the top of the tower where they can do battle.

At the top of the Shroud tower, Rayne prepares to stop Ferril much to her irritation. Rayne attempts to destroy the four vents pumping out the Shroud. Ferril defends the tower, fighting Rayne off and pursuing her all over the tower. Unfortunately, Rayne proves too tenacious and is successful in destroying the tower, causing a massive explosion, knocking herself and Ferril unconscious in the process.

Kagan and Ephemera arrive on the scene some time later. Kagan demands to know what happened and Ferril informs him of the "Dhampir Assassin" and why help wasn’t sent to stop her. Kagan has no idea what she is talking about and Ferril realizes that Ephemera set her up, not informing Kagan at all about Rayne and using it to her advantage. Kagan now blames Ferril for the Wetwork's destruction and says her services are no longer needed. Enraged, Ferril lunges towards her father and slashes him on the arm, drawing some blood. Kagan looks over his wound and comments on how she is quicker then he remembers, then says how she might have amounted to something if he wasn’t so disappointed. He orders Ephemera to get rid of her and she stabs Ferril through the back. Ephemera says how Ferril shouldn’t have trusted her and thanks her sister for supposedly getting rid of Rayne and throws her off the tower.

Although the tower was destroyed, there were many other functioning towers spread around the city, allowing vampires to roam around in daylight, causing complete chaos.

It is later shown that Ferril managed to survive the fall from the tower and appears in the park, rallying her minions for an attack on Kagan's base. She turned each of them into a vampire to make them stronger, and uses helicopters to fly towards Kagan's tower.

Ferril's minions fight off Kagan's followers in the tower, allowing Ferril to pursue Kagan. Reaching the roof, Ferril comes across Rayne again. She tells Rayne she's going to kill Kagan, then she will settle things with Rayne. Rayne wonders why Ferril would want to inherit Kagan's kingdom. Ferril runs off, telling her it's preferable to being thrown off the building into sunlight.

This statement proves ironic however, as Ferril meets her demise from the Sun Gun fired by Xerx in his large Bio-Armor, reducing her to ashes.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a full-blood vampire and daughter of Kagan, Ferril is more wild and animalistic when compared to her siblings. She boasts about being the fastest and strongest, and she could be right.

  • Super Strength: She has enough strength to fight and keep up with Rayne and not be outmatched.
  • Super Speed: While certainly not as fast as Rayne, her speed is still admirable. She will catch up if Rayne stops.
  • Super Durability: Ferril can take an enormous amount of punishment and not stop. Rayne’s attacks slightly faze her, survived being stabbed in the back, thrown off a 40 story height, and lasted a short time in sunlight. She is incredibly tough and built to survive.
  • Super Regeneration: She has demonstrated the ability to recover from devastating damage completely - presumingly without feeding - in a very short span of time.
  • Super Senses: Sharp and extremely acute, with just her nose alone, she predicted Ephemera was coming towards her by smell from a mile away, catching her sister by surprise. Her other senses are possibly just as strong.
  • Claws: Long black claws can extend and retract from every digit on her hands. Powered by her sheer strength, the claws can cut a man to pieces in one swing.


  • Her name Ferril is a reworking of the word feral, meaning animalistic and savage.
  • She has also made appearance in Video Mods", where she playing the guitar in a music video with Rayne who is performing Evanescence's song "Everybody's Fool".
  • Ferril was originally going to appear in the BloodRayne Comic "Plague of Dreams" but was cut.
  • Upon destroying the Shroud Tower (and thus defeating Ferril) on the PS4/PS5 and Steam remastered versions, you earn the trophy "Amateur Electrician".




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