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Frankenmobsters are the main enemies in the third episode of the game Nocturne.

They're undead mobsters who were ressurected by the German scientist Enric Loathring, who had been hired by Al Capone. They come in different shapes and costumes and talk with Chicago accent. They all carry Tommy guns. Unlike many other monsters, they behave like the humans they once were. Therefore, they like to ambush, go by cars and shoot at range. While a Tommy gun is effective against them, they're even more vulnerable to fires, beucase of the materials they're made of. The frankenmobsters go in groups or pairs.


  • In Nocturne Al Capone is active in 1933. In reality he was imprisoned in October 1931.
  • They, alongside the Sentinels, are the only regular enemies to not appear in the fourth episode of Nocturne, since Hamilton Killian could hardly catch any of them.
  • If a frankenmobster loses his arm, he will start going after The Stranger and beating him with the remaining hand.
  • They're the only enemies who start to panic and scream, when being set on fire. The other enemies don't do this in such case.