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Alias: The Plague of Dreams
The Vampire Messiah
Last Son of Kagan
Gender: Male
Race: Dhampir
Age: 100+
Date of birth: c. 1890
Place of birth: India
Professional status
Previous affiliation(s): Kagan
Profession(s): Vampire Paramilitary Leader
Personal status
Relatives: Kagan (Father)
Unknown Human Mother †
Rayne (Half sister)
Cult of Kagan
Status: Unknown
Comic(s): BloodRayne: Plague of Dreams

Garek is the main antagonist in the BloodRayne: Plague of Dreams mini-series comics. He is a son of Kagan, experimentally bred as an extremely powerful telepath and chosen heir to his fathers future vampire empire.


Garek is a tall male dhampir with tan skin, short dark brown hair and reddish-brown eyes.

He wears a black leather trench coat over his bare torso, camouflage military pants, black fingerless gloves and black combat boots. He has large gauges in both earlobes, a nose bridge piercing and wears a necklace adorned with two metal ornaments.


Being one of the very few of Kagan’s children to endure and escape his father’s cruelty, Garek has been rebellious and vengeful since a young age. Growing increasingly cocky with age because of his innate psychic powers, he prides himself on being multiple steps ahead of his enemies and gaining whatever information and knowledge he wants. Because of his upbringing, he naturally hates his father and would have loved to see him dead by his own hand, as well as the rest of his vampiric family. He will make exceptions in special circumstances so long as no one stands in his way.


Garek is an Indian dhampir born circa 1890. He is the last son of Kagan and his chosen successor to his future empire. His mother was an extremely gifted and powerful psychic from India that Kagan had selected to experiment in breeding a power dhampir child with his strength and telepathic abilities. Once Garek was born, his mother was killed by Kagan shortly afterwards. The young dhampir spent the majority of his childhood with his father at his secret castle in England. Against Gareks will, his father had him practice his powers on captured humans despite his sons protests on not wanting to hurt anyone. But his powers proved to be far greater then expected, reading the minds of his father and fellow siblings to the point of misery. Garek had figured out the truth about his mother’s death by reading his father’s mind. Eventually, Garek had caused his father extreme mental pain by using his abilities on him and was threatened with death. He ran away and escaped his father’s wrath. He had soon after made his way to New York City and lived as a street rat among other vagrant vampires for many years. One night, the Brimstone Society descended upon Garek and his group. He was the only one spared because he was declared to not currently be a threat and would be dealt with at a later time. Decades later into his adulthood, Garek would become a very influential revolutionist in the vampire world and became the leader of his own vampiric paramilitary.


BloodRayne: Plauge of Dreams[]

Set some time after the demise of Kagan, Rayne is having a nightmare about Garek. He has her bound to a chair at the very top of a skyscraper during sunset. He has invaded her mind to give her a warning: to not get herself involved in his business and to call off Brimstone from searching for him. He smiles widely and gives her permission to scream before pushing her over the edge of the roof. Rayne awakens in brief fright and being questioned Brimstone leader, Lord Cyril, about her previous encounters with Garek. She explains that she is ready to share her experiences where she was previously hesitant.

Four months prior, Brimstone was investigating a powerful disturbance at the Empire State Building in New York City. Rayne discovered that the entire security guard team for the building were in a braindead trance. Garek was standing in front of a wall of security screens and giving telepathic commands to his minions: gremlin-like creatures know as teledrones. They were wiring high explosives throughout ever fifth floor of the building. Rayne eventually finds and tells him to put his hands up. He was able find out her name and that she was dhampir from her mind screaming it to him. He grew curious and wanted to know more. After exchanging gunfire at eachother, Garek had Rayne subdued and read her mind by placing his hand on her head. In an instant, a surge of pain swept through him as he read her thoughts. He fell back against a wall, stunned by what he had learned, the she had killed Kagan and all his siblings. He expressed that it had changed everything he had planned prior. Meanwhile, Rayne was still injured and on the floor, crying, because while Garek had been able to see into her mind, she saw into his as well. Garek severed his connection to his teledrones as he departed, all of them dying as a result.

Three months after their first meeting, Rayne had tracked Garek this time to Seoul, South Korea. Rayne was dispatched with two other Brimstone agents as backup. Garek had hijacked a subway train and rigged to explode as part of a terroristic plot. His teledrones were sabotaging the controls and she found him on the roof of the train with the two Brimstone agents as his captives. Rayne demanded he let them go, but he tosses them both over the sides, killing them both. They briefly encounter eachother and Garek tells her that he is the “Vampire Messiah” and that she’s either with or against him. He escapes off the runaway train and Rayne is left angered and with no other choice. She too opts to escape with her life. The train erupts in a massive explosion underneath a busy street. Everyone on board and many other innocent bystanders were killed, the mission a humiliating disaster.

Back to the present time, Garek is giving a rousing speech to his followers that have gathered together in some part of the Middle East, both vampire and dhampir alike. He wants to start a revolution and have those of vampiric blood no longer hide in the shadows and take the world for their own. Meanwhile, Rayne is climbing up a steep cliff on a remote mountain in England. She wants to seek answers after discovering that she and Garek are half-siblings when he read her mind. Through those few shared memories, she hoped to find more answers at the last of Kagan’s secret hideouts, a castle built on the mountain. Once inside the withering castle, she feels uneasy and somewhat afraid, caused by the memories of Gareks emotions when he had lived there as a little boy a century ago. She finds an old room filled with the skeletons of those innocents he was forced to kill to further develop his powers. Rayne is informed by Brimstone that they have discovered Gareks location and that she would return on her own, however she is not alone in the castle. The last living resident, a cursed immortal creature known as the Myriad, is bound by servitude to the bloodline of Kagan. Rayne demands answers to her questions and he complies but requested that she help to end his tired existence. After getting the information she wanted, Rayne returned to Brimstone Manor to prepare for the battle ahead, the Myriad accompanying her. Back in the Middle East, Garek is in deep thought to himself and a clone of the Myriad reports of what Brimstone is planning, but Garek is not worried in the slightest. He continues to think to himself, reminiscing of his past as a boy living in the dark places of New York City and when he first encountered Brimstone.

Rayne and the small army assembled by Brimstone have now arrived outside of Gareks base of operations in the Middle East. Having anticipated their arrival, a series of missiles were launched and downed several of Brimstones helicopters. Rayne knew that Garek wanted her alive and to confront him. She rushes into battle with the aid of telepaths and mediums shielding her psyche, but their combined power was no match for Garek, he temporarily influenced her mind to transform into Dark Rayne to turn on her own men. But once back to normal, she stormed inside Gareks base and faced him one on one. Back outside however, the leaders of Brimstone were conspiring against Rayne should Garek reveal secret truths about them. Their battle was fierce and evenly matched and Garek was thoroughly enjoying himself all the while she condemns him for being like their father. She finally gains the upper hand and subdues him and he points a revolver at her head. He gives her the choice to let him walk away and a warning to save her life from Brimstone collapsing his base. For a moment she lets him go but disables him by shooting her harpoon through his leg at the knee. The entire building begins to collapse and Rayne is forced to hold up a massive stone slab, but is exhausted and can’t hold it for long. Unexpectedly, Garek comes to her aid and helps to push the slab aside. With very little time left and Rayne confused at his actions, Garek tells his half-sister to run to safety. Rayne make it out but Garek is buried alive. After a few moments when the dust settles, he claws his way out of the rubble and Lord Cyril stands over him with the vengeful proposal of asking Garek if he wanted to know what it felt like to be human. He simply smirks and rebelliously refuses, his fate afterward is unknown.


  • Dual Revolvers
  • Dual Double-Bladed Push Daggers

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a son of Kagan and a powerful human psychic, Garek has the powers of a dhampir and this in turn acts as an amplifier for his extremely potent mental abilities.

  • Telekinisis: While not his most used ability, Garek is capable of pushing, pulling, and lifting objects, as well as himself, with his own mind.
  • Telepathy: This ability is incredibly expansive and Gareks primary power. He can effortlessly probe and read the minds of others. This ability is so sensitive, that other minds speak themselves to his own without Garek even attempting to probe. He can connect his own mind to a high number of teledrones and control them as they give feedback to him. He’s able to “switch off” mental connections to put the weak minded in a trance, or separate and disable minds that are interconnected. The magnitude of his telepathy is so high, he can easily break through mental shielding that has been fortified by multiple others with powerful mental abilities.