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Gegengheist Gruppe symbol
Gegengheist Gruppe flag

The Gegengeist Gruppe or G.G.G., literally translates as "Anti-Ghost Group", is an elite faction established to seek out supernatural means of bringing Nazi Germany to power. Gegengeist Gruppe has a preliminary headquarters in Falkenburg, Germany.

High Ranking[]

  • Jürgen Wulf: Founder and supreme commander, also the holder of the Beliar artifacts.
  • Mynce: High commander of G.G.G. placed by Brimstone Society as a double agent.
  • Báthory Mengele: Scientist responsible for the study of Daemites, developing a sick fascination for the creatures.
  • Sigmund and Simon Krieger: Identical twins with a special ability; they literally share each other's pain.
  • D. Mauler: Human cybernetically enhanced by the Nazis.
  • Von Blut: Thule High Priest, main occult writer.
  • Kommando: Mysterious G.G.G. infantry colonel.
  • P. Eckstein: Officer in command of the toxic gas project.
  • G. Gosler: Officer who created the Unholy Mecha.
  • Kagan: Was a G.G.G. member only for his own intentions; abandoned it later.

Other known officers[]


  • Oberinspekteur Otto Gottleib (High Engineer).
  • Oberinspekteur Stefan Gustafson (High Engineer).
  • Leutnant J. Becker (2nd Lieutenant).
  • Standortfuhrer Ruprecht Reiner (Garrison Captain).
  • Korvettenkapitan Timitheus Tischler (Naval Captain Kreigsmarine).
  • Major P. Eckstein (Major).
  • Korvettenoberstleutnant Nichoulaus Reinhardt (Naval Lt. Colonel).
  • Oberst Braun Mekay (Colonel).
  • General Major R. Wauher (Brigadier General).
  • Generalstabsinformationen J. A. Cotter (Major General of Intelligence).


  • Oberinspekteur K. Kephardt (High Engineer).
  • Hauptstumfuhrer C. Reichard (General Officer).
  • Assistenzinfanterie D. Von Haber (2nd Lieutenant of Infantry).
  • Leutnant G. Saxon (2nd Lieutenant).
  • Luftwaffe-Oberleutnant C. Bogue (Airforce 1st Lieutenant).
  • Oberleutnant Arno Samsa (1st Lieutenant).
  • Hauptmann N. Rausch (Captain).
  • Obersturmbannfuhrer Hans Eldrich (Lieutenant-Col., Karstjager Gruppe).
  • Oberstleutnant Andreas Zahl (Lieutenant Colonel).
  • Generaloberst Heinrich Eberhard (Colonel).
  • General Major Demetrius Klaus (Brigadier General).
  • Generalleutnant D. Traugott (Major General).

Low Ranking[]

  • Elite Soldiers: Members of the special forces formed within the G.G.G.
  • Hazmat troopers: To handle potentially hazardous materials.
  • G.G.G. jetpack troopers: Equipped with high power jetpacks and air filtering masks, the elite jetpack squads of G.G.G. were deployed during the assault on castle Gaustadt as support units.
  • Superpanzer Mobile Armor: Essentially a bipedal walking tank, these mobile armor were used in the assault on Castle Gaustadt.
  • Soldiers: The G.G.G. uses troops of the Wehrmacht in its operations.
  • Waffen-SS troopers: Members of the elite Waffen-SS, these troopers wear panzer-like leather jackets and use the same weapons as regular soldiers.
  • Waffen-SS: These NCO enemies differ from the regular SS troopers only in that they wear a grey coat.


  • Some G.G.G. members' English ranks don't match their German ranks.
  • Those G.G.G. members who are true bosses have G.G.G. symbol on their photos in the target list, while the regular officers don't have it.