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Jonathan Prye

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of birth: Early - Mid 18th Century
Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland
Date of death: Early 19th century
Professional status
Profession(s): Witch Hunter
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): Blair Witch Vol. 3: The Elly Kedward Tale

Jonathan Prye is the main protagonist of the game Blair Witch Vol. 3: The Elly Kedward Tale. He is a former priest turned witch hunter sent to the town of Blair, Maryland in 1786 to combat the occult that terrorized the area and to rediscover his faith.


Jonathan is a tall middle-aged man with a slim build. He has fair skin, long black hair that is graying and tied in a ponytail, a thin stylish goatee, and gray eyes.

He wears a black vest with gold trim over a white shirt, a brown fur overcoat, light gray trousers, black knee-high boots and black gloves.


In the time before his mission to Blair, Jonathan was a devout and humble man that served as a shepherd to the faithful before he had lost his own faith by witnessing evil and bloodshed in the name of God that had heavily conflicted with his own values and the values of the Christian faith. Thus, he felt abandoned by God and abandoned him in return. While believing in what the Christian faith offered, he also believed the same faith was blinding him and others to the greater evils that existed all around at all times.

Despite his conflict, his resolve and determination are still strong. He's more than willing to offer his expertise and services to those in need of help and is courageous in the face of great adversity. Jonathan is also polite and not quick to lay blame or outright judge the character of a person based on their outward appearance. He's openminded and willing to listen and learn things that are beyond his understanding or comfort zone and use them as a force for good.


Most of the early life of Jonathan is unknown, but he was born at some time in the early to mid 18th century in Baltimore, Maryland. At some point in his adult life, he became a priest and a skilled witch hunter and became friends with a fellow priest named Joshua Stone in Baltimore, who also became his trusted advisor. After some time under unspecified circumstances, Jonathan became heavily conflicted with his own faith after witnessing bloodshed and atrocities in the name of the God and church he faithfully served, leaving his position as a priest until he rediscovers his own faith. In early February of 1786, one year after the events of the supposed crimes of Elly Kedward in the township of Blair, Jonathan caught wind of the unexplainable supernatural events that have occured and wishes to take the opportunity to help and once again find what he truly believes in.


Sitting alone in a study among tomes and candlelight, Jonthan Prye takes a few moments to write a personal letter to his close friend and trusted advisor, Father Joshua Stone of Baltimore, Maryland. He dates it as February 19, 1786, and further elaborates that he will regrettably not be able to return to Baltimore by spring due to his heavily conflicted faith in the church due to witnessing atrocities and bloodshed in the name of God. He could not in good conscious return to his former position as a preacher and shepherd to the faithful. Lastly, he mentions he will be traveling the following day to Blair township after hearing about the evil occurrences that have happened there in order to rediscover what he truly believes in.

Arriving just outside Blair, Jonathan witnesses and speaks to the last of the townspeople that are abandoning the town for the safety of their own lives. He learns from a father and son that the magistrate and local priest have chosen to remain behind and that they could be found in the courthouse and church, respectively. He speaks to both men to learn more the witch, Elly Kedward, and missing children from the town that had accused her the previous year. Jonah, the magistrate, allows Jonathan to help with whatever he might discover and to not interfere with his own investigation. After being given a map to Coffin Rock and the key to the jail, Jonathan goes to question two prisoners that may have useful information. The town drunk, Hirrum Heathtow, is the first to be questioned, but he refuses to answer anything until has the bottle whiskey he had left behind in the barn he was hiding in. Jonathan quickly retrieves it and Hirrum is very grateful and open to being questioned. When asked about Elly Kedward he panics and drunkenly babbles useless information. Moments later, the second prisoner, Elizabeth Styler, awakens from her rest. She had been imprisoned on the grounds of heresy when she was discovered at the Kedward home in a state of panic and shock after witnessing the horrors inside. She claimed to have been called by the Elly herself and admitted to being a student of hers. She further attests to her teacher's innocence, that was not evil, only misunderstood. Jonathan is skeptical but not immediately dismissive of her claims, he informs her that he is going to investigate Coffin Rock to find out what is really happening.

After leaving the prison, Jonathan goes the on to the church and talks with Father Hale Goodfellow about his experiences regarding the strange events that have occurred and his accusation of Elly Kedward. He lastly gives caution about Elizabeth, believing she is in league with evil. Once finished, he leaves the church to the edge of the forest. He enters the foreboding woods, occasionally spotting a corpse along the trail. Using the map and following a trail of blood, he eventually finds the infamous Coffin Rock deep within the forest, as well as a young girl, Isabel Able. She has been splayed out across the top of the large rock, tortured and mutilated with ritualistic markings carved into her skin. Jonathan is shocked at the horrid and cruel sight as a demonic voice speaks to him and a large group of Carved arrive to stop him from freeing the girl. Once all the creatures have been killed, Jonathan unties the girl and carries her back to town.

After taking the girl to church to rest and recover from her injuries, the three men discuss about the possibility of other witches or Elly Kedward still being alive and the next course of action. Father Goodfellow recommends heavy interrogation of Elizabeth, but Jonathan thinks she will talk willingly because she trusts him. Jonah then has to depart back to the courthouse to do some work, but before leaving he gifts Jonathan his personal blunderbuss to aid him. Father Goodfellow then makes a request to Jonathan to find a magical Christian relic buried with a great priest at the town cemetery, offering to teach him how to wield it once he returns. Jonathan is given a scroll with a Latin incantation in order to open the gates to the cemetery. After exiting the church, he visits Elizabeth at her cell or to explain the current situation, but she refuses to believe it could have been Elly Kedward. Jonathan tells her he needs to investigate Elly's house, but she explains that she can give him a map that is within her spell book at her home if he would only bring it to her. At first, he is reluctant to bring it because of her being a self-confessed witch, but she rationalizes that it would be useless in her possession because of the ward placed in her cell by the priest. He accepts the task and leaves after she gives him the key to her home. At the gates of the cemetery, he speaks the incantation written on the scroll and the gates open. Upon entering, the dead rise from their graves, including the great priest, who wields the relic against Jonathan. After the battle, Jonathan takes the relic and leaves the cemetery. Nearby was the home of Elizabeth Styler. Jonathan used the key he was given and finds the interior in disarray. But in the faraway corner of the house was the spell book, surrounded by lit ritualistic candles and loose papers. Upon picking it up, the candles went out and the front door opened seemingly on its own, only for Jonathan to be briefly attacked by a Faceless One. Once dispersing the spirit, Jonathan returned to Father Goodfellow and was taught how to use the cross relic he took from the undead priest. Lastly, he went to return Elizabeth her spell book and she gives the location to Elly's home as well as taught how to use a Bind Evil Spellbox that she gives him. Again, he is reluctant to use the item, but she insists that he must use whatever means necessary to protect himself from the evil that awaits him.

Leaving the confines of the jail, Jonathan heads back to the edge of the forest but it met by a white wolf that speaks to him, beckoning to follow. Leading him on to a secluded part of the forest, the wolf stops at a large wigwam, a type of Native American dwelling known in the region. Going inside, he's met with a middle-aged native man sitting close to a fire pit at the center of the interior. He welcomes Jonathan and introduces himself as Asgaya Gigagei, Shaman of the Nanticoke. Jonathan sits down on the opposite side of Asgaya as the native man explains that he knows him and his reason for being in the forest, as well as explaining of the dark spirit known as Hecaitomix and why it is causing suffering to the area. Jonathan is confused and reluctant to take the instruction of the shaman, but Asgaya tries to reason with him does not force him to listen. For now, he lets the witch hunter carry on his way and will await his return. Following the map given to him, Jonathan heads west to a remote and secluded part of the forest. Eventually passing an old well, he finds the home of Elly Kedward. While inside, he finds lit red candles everywhere, and the farthest room was filled with the remains of desecrated animals and a ritualistic circle drawn in blood on the floor. At the furthest wall was a door that led down to the cellar, but before Jonathan could open it a dark and threatening voice commands him to leave. Jonathan became overwhelmed with despair at the demons' taunting at his lack of courage and forcefully threw him out of the cabin. After gathering himself, Jonathan ran back towards Asgaya's home.


Throughout his quest, Jonathon is given many items and weapons from different backgrounds to aid in combating the supernatural evil of the Black Hills Forest.

  • Journal: Jonathan's personal notebook that he keeps with him at all times. He keeps notes on his progress, thoughts, descriptions and interviews.
  • Lantern: A simple candle-lit lantern that can illuminate a dark area in a small radius.


  • Dueling Flintlock Pistol: Originally intended for use in settling personal disputes of honor, this is Jonathon's default firearm that can be fired very accurately. It has an accompanying ammo & powder satchel that holds a maximum of 50 shots.
  • Blunderbuss: The 18th century predecessor to the shotgun; the town magistrate, Jonah, gifted his personal weapon to Jonathan after rescuing the first missing child. It shares ammo with the flintlock.


  • Holy Cross: Jonathan's default melee weapon. It is a large, two-handed steel cross decorated with ornate patterns and each end of the four bars has a sharpened tip that both bludgeon and pierce.
  • Lightning Staff: A magic staff with the ability to summon and channel lightning, stunning and electrocuting multiple enemies close by. It was gifted by the native guardian of the Spirit Plane, Hino, after Jonathan freed him from the control of Hecaitomix. It consumes 10% of mana with each use.
  • Fire Staff: A magic staff with the ability to blast a ring of infernal fire in a radius of about 6 meters. It was taken by Jonathan after killing the demon, Matt-ann-tote, in the burial grounds. It consumes 15% of mana with each use.

Christian Weapons

  • Burning Cross: A magic silver cross with a jewel embedded at its center with the ability to combust enemies with holy fire when held out. Jonathan took the relic from the corpse of an undead priest in Blair's cemetery and was taught how to use it by Father Goodfellow.
  • Exorcism Bible: A large black bible with silver embellishments and a golden jewel at its center. When held out, it is able to cast an extremely powerful spell that can exorcise any evil being, but at a potentially risky cost. Jonathan must have more health than his foe in order for the spell to be successful, stopping mid-spell is hazardous to his health, but once the spell is complete his health will be restored. It was given to Jonathan by Father Goodfellow after returning to town from the burial grounds.

Shaman Weapons

  • Heal Stick: An enchanted Y-shaped stick adorned in feathers and charms given to Jonathan by Asgaya, it can heal 25% of health when shaken. It consumes 15% of mana with each use.
  • Rain Vial: A blue vial that contains rainwater from a powerful storm that raged 1,000 years ago, given to Jonathan by Asgaya. When thrown at the ground and broken; a small, localized storm will briefly appear, and lightning will strike enemies in the area. It consumes 35% of mana with each use.
  • Voodoo Doll: A magic sack doll that was given to Jonathon by Asgaya, it is a symbol of spiritual sight and allows the user to see their own fear and shakes to make a rattling noise when danger lurks close by.

Pagan Weapons

  • Bind Evil Spell Box: An ornate wooden box containing magic stones given to Jonathan by Elizabeth Styler. When a stone is thrown to the ground a ring of magic will expand and all evil beings in a radius of 6 meters will be temporarily frozen for ten seconds. Stronger enemies will be bound for less time. It consumes 20% of mana with each use.
  • Bag of Disease: An enchanted bag that can hold many spells but contains only an unknown ailment, found by Jonathan after healing the Great Tree. When a scarab stone is thrown to the ground a swarm of insect's attack and poison a single target for ten seconds. It consumes 20% of mana with each use.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jonathan is a man of great spiritual and magical prowess, capable of learning and using many objects and weapons fueled by his own inner magical energy.

  • Mana Pool: Jonathan can draw upon his own personal magic energy as a finite but replenishable fuel source for his enchanted weapons.
  • Spell Casting: Through each of his magic weapons, Jonathan is able to cast different types of spells to attack, defend, heal or other tactical purposes.


  • Expert Witch Hunter
  • Supernatural Slayer
  • Expert Marksman
  • Skilled Spell Caster
  • Knowledge of the Supernatural/Occult


Being only a mortal man, Jonathan possesses every weakness that humans have.


  • Although he’s first seen in Volume 1 when Doc Holliday is in the “dark” path after killing the Djien, Jonathan does not encounter her while he’s still alive in his own time in Volume 3. Asgaya explains it to Holliday as a convergence of time. However, Jonathan himself appears as a ghostly figure rather than a physical person and from his point of view at that point has not encountered or defeated the “witch” yet. However, he had discovered the true name of the witch and the name of the path that holds Bleeding Boy, intending to leave his journal for Holliday to find in the caves beneath Coffin Rock for her to find in her own time. This continuity and plot error goes overlooked and unexplained.



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