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Gender: Female
Race: Human
Place of birth: United States of America
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Spookhouse
Position(s): Laboratory Assistant
Partner(s): Doc Holliday
Personal status
Status: Unknown
Game(s): Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr

Justine is a secondary character in the game Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr. She works at Spookhouse HQ as Doc Holliday’s lab assistant.


Justine is a tall woman with neck-length blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin and red lipstick.

Her outfit is identical to Doc Holliday’s in Nocturne, with the exception of her shirt being blue.


She is a faithful and helpful assistant to Doc Holliday and very hardworking, often spending nights by herself in the laboratory with her colleagues at home. She’s very friendly and intelligent with plenty of reliability.


How exactly long she’s been at Spookhouse is unknown, but has been around long enough to form a close friendship and working relationship with Doc Holliday as her assistant.


July 20, 1941:

Upon arriving with the Stranger at Spookhouse, Doc Holliday enters her laboratory to discover Justine working by herself. She was awake all night and didn’t call Holliday for help, insisting that she was returning the favor. The two women chat briefly as Holliday has to see Colonel Hapscomb for her mission to Burkittsville, Maryland.

Day Three - July 23, 1941:

Once waking up, Holliday has unexpectedly run low on supplies after coming out of the forest and plans to get more. Before leaving her room, Deputy Hobart visits and gives her the police report on the Parr incident - which includes detailed drawings of some of the mutilated children - and a twana found in Parr’s cell. Hobart takes his leave back to his duties. She leaves for the main office and asks to send another telegraph to Spookhouse, saying that she was low on E-CRE batteries, bullets, and medical equipment in code.

A short time later after doing some investigating, Holliday goes back to the inn main office to check if a parcel had arrived for her and the innkeeper denied it. But once stepping out of the office, a car parks close by and Holliday‘s lab assistant Justine, happily greeted her and brought the the supplies she needed. They chat briefly before two part and Holliday prepares to go back into the woods now fully resupplied.


  • Despite being presented as Doc Holliday's assistant, she only appears in Blair Witch Volume I.