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BloodRayne 2-Kagan Vesper Shard
“Glorious! The fall of the age of Man. Witness the dawn of the Vampiric age!”
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Age: 400+
Date of death: November 2, 2004
Place of death: Throne Room of Kagan's Tower, New York City
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Previous affiliation(s): Nazis
Gegengeist Gruppe
Position(s): Emperor (Usurped by Rayne)
Previous position(s): Nazi Collaborator
Vampire Lord
Partner(s): Vampire Overlords
Personal status
Relatives: Rayne(Daughter)
Dariel Zerenski(Son) †
Xerx Mephistopheles(Son) †
Ephemera(Daughter) †
Ferril(Daughter) †
Kestrel (Daughters) †††††
Unraveler (Son) †
Delinda(Daughter) †
Svetlana Lupescu(Daughter: MIA)
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne - Mention only
BloodRayne 2
Comic(s): BloodRayne: Plague of Dreams
Bloodrayne: Tokyo Rogue
BloodRayne: Prime Cuts
English voice: Troy Baker
Russian voice: Alexander Gruzdev

Kagan was a powerful vampire overlord and the father of Rayne, Zerenski, Xerx Mephistopheles, Ephemera and Ferril. He is the main antagonist of BloodRayne 2.


Kagan is a tall and muscular male vampire with light colored skin, short black hair and goatee and silver eyes. He has two matching tattoos around each bicep. After being resurrected by Xerx, he had pieces of the Vesper Shard embedded into the left side of his face—making his left eye completely blind—and left arm. He wears a red sleeveless undershirt with a black leather vest and matching pants, bracers, along with steel plated boots. Each leather article is adorned with belt straps and buckles.


Kagan's policy with his dhampir children was that he would rape their mother to impregnate them and kill all of the mothers family, so the dhampir child would have no one to turn to but him. Whether this was the same with his full-blood vampire children; such as Ephemera, Xerx, Zerenski, and Ferril‘s mothers is unknown. He’s completely coldhearted, ruthless and doesn’t compromise. He seeks power and control akin to a true tyrant. He values strength, power and ruthlessness over any else; even in his own children. Ephemera was his favorite child even though she was conspiring to kill him in his sleep. He doesn‘t care at all for Rayne herself or her vendetta against him, not bothering to use her name or her mothers (or just doesn’t care to remember). He refers to dhampir like Rayne as mongrels and calling her ”It”, not acknowledging her as an individual. Rayne was only an unknown nuisance and minor inconvenience to him until they had their final battle and recognized her from decades ago. He wondered to himself if it was actually worth the effort to create Rayne because of all the trouble she had caused him.


Kagan is a very old vampire, his true age being unknown, but he has been alive long enough to sire several offspring such as Rayne, Ephemera, Xerx Mephistopheles, Ferril, Daniel Zerenski, the unseen Delinda and many others.

Before World War II, Kagan became involved with a sect of Nazis called the Gegengeist Gruppe. Kagan associated himself with this group, but didn't consider himself fully a Nazi, wearing only the G.G.G symbol on his armband. Although he isn't seen in BloodRayne, suggesting his membership was highly secretive.


BloodRayne 2[]

In the beginning part of the game, there is a flashback with Rayne staring angrily at a raging fire in a building. There is a weak voice in the background, explaining that he was attacked by a strong vampire. Rayne realizes it was Kagan and finds him in the Blood Library, looking for the Vesper Shards. Rayne is ready to kill Kagan, but he reveals a battered and dying Professor Tremaine, with his small intestine wrapped around his neck. Kagan than explains that Tremaine "stole another" of Kagan's offspring. Tremaine pulls out a detonator and it explodes, but Rayne is able to flee. Kagan survived the explosion, but the Vesper Shard infused with his flesh, mainly his face and arm.

65 years later, Kagan and his vampire children conquered over a New York City, using the Shroud to block sunlight, thus giving vampires the liberty to walk among the living in the daytime. Rayne faced off with her vampire father and successfully killed him. However, with the Shroud still lingering over the city and had spread far, Rayne takes charge in destroying it and Brimstone makes base in the city, rescuing survivors and killing the vampiric creatures.


  • Vesper Shard Sword: A large sword powered by large Vesper Shard crystals. The blade glows with solar energy which is lethal to vampires and dhampirs.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kagan was a powerful vampire overlord with as much physical prowess as many men. Although his exact lineage and blood purity was never revealed, Kagan - considering his raw power and virility - was very possibly a pureblood vampire hailing from an aged and long bloodline. He still suffers from vampire weaknesses, but over time gained unique powers.

  • Immortality: Born as a pure-blood vampire and having lived for possibly centuries, time does not affect Kagan and has survived events that would kill a human many times over. Although, his immortality does have a limit as he was slain by his daughter, Rayne.
  • Super Strength: True to his bloodline, rank and age, Kagan's strength was challenged only by one of his last surviving daughters, the dhampir Rayne. This made Kagan among the mightiest vampires upon the Earth in the time before his demise. He has more than enough strength to lift a grown man off his feet by the neck for a long period of time without any sign of fatigue.
  • Combustion Inducement: This power was only shown once when Kagan infiltrated Brimstone headquarters and casually tossed a book at Rayne’s feet before it burst into large flames, forcing her to halt.
  • Preternatural Swordsmanship: With centuries of fighting experience coupled with his inhuman perception, precision and reflexes, Kagan was capable of superhuman feats of swordplay.
  • Vesper Shard Powers: With the pieces of the Vesper Shard imbedded into his left arm and left side of his face, Kagan learned how to harness its power and shoot concentrated beams of varying strength from his left hand. He has a shield completely surrounding his body that protects him from all the ammo types of the Carpathian Dragons. He's lastly granted a higher resistance to sunlight, since he survived multiple blasts from the Sun Gun in his throne room. It doesn't kill him instantly like with other vampires but only momentarily stunned.


  • "Kagan" means "khan of the khans" in Turkic and Mongolic languages.
  • In one of the chambers of Zerenski's mansion, there is a Gegengeist Gruppe banner, but also there is a Jolly Roger, a symbol commonly associated with pirates, suggesting Kagan was once involved. As well as the Moldovan flag and the flag for British Army.
  • Based on pictures hanging in the hallway before entering Kagan’s throne room, he has been the father of at least 24 children: nine sons and fifteen daughters; with Rayne, Mora, Svetlana and the seven Kestrel included among them.
  • Upon defeating Kagan on the PS4/PS5 and Steam remastered versions, you earn the trophy "Patricide".




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