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1st Lieutenant

“I can’t remember much of anything, to tell you the truth. I…I don’t even remember who I am.”
Name: Robert MacNichol
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 39 (biologically)
62 (chronologically)
Date of birth: 1824
Place of birth: Syracuse, New York
Date of death: 1886
Place of death: Steuben’s House
Professional status
Previous affiliation(s): Union Army
Previous profession(s): Union Army Officer
Previous partner(s): Pvt. Mosely
Pvt. “Skunk” Moore
Cpl. Newhouse
Personal status
Relatives: Anne Forrester (fiancé)
Status: Unknown
Game(s): Blair Witch Vol. 1: Rustin Parr (mentioned)
Blair Witch Vol. 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock

Lazarus is the main protagonist of the game Blair Witch Vol. 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock. He is a Union soldier that was on the brink of death in 1886 and tasked to save the little girl, Robin Weaver, from the evil of the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland.


In 1863 Robert MacNichol, as he was named, was a man of average height and build, fair skin, blue eyes, medium-length tawny blond hair, and a short full beard. He wore a navy-blue Union officers' uniform, black leather boots with spurs, a leather pistol holster, and scabbard with the accompanying saber.

As Lazarus, his skin is extremely pale, eyes are bloodshot, and the side of his head is partially bloody and bandaged. He wears a brown leather duster coat, dark gray trousers, lack boots, and his scabbard with the accompanying saber.


During the Civil War as a soldier, Robert was a very calm, upstanding and capable man that is a natural and effective leader. After witnessing and partaking in the Battle of Gettysburg, he had seen enough of the horrors of war and made a personal vow to never let men under his command to die again. Despite his feelings on the war, he knows he is needed and dutifully carries on. His only hope was that the war would end soon so he could return home and marry his fiancé.

As Lazarus, Robert had forgotten much of his former life; though some habits, feelings and memories still remained. He's well-mannered, respectful, and willing to help in times of need. As he continues to regain the memories of his former life, he understands the grave situation he's in but still selflessly gives his all to make a difference in the lives of those he can save.


Robert MacNichol was born in 1824 in Syracuse, New York. Later on in his adult life at the dawn of the Civil War, he became a soldier and fought for the Union Army. He was a combat veteran that had fought and survived many battles during the war and climbed to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. After partaking in the Battle of Gettysburg and witnessing his entire unit being killed, he had been injured and stayed in a hospital in Washington D.C. to recover. After nearly three months he was free to return to active duty, being ordered to meet up with a supply unit in Burkittsville, Maryland to oversee distribution of supplies.


The year is 1886 and deep within the Black Hills Forest of central Maryland next to a pile of dead leaves and the skeletal remains of a bovine, an urgent and disembodied voice of an old woman speaks into the mind of a wounded man wearing a Union officers' uniform. Very odd, considering that the Civil War had been over for 21 years. The voice tells him that his time isn't up and that it has need of him. Just as he is regaining consciousness, an eight-year-old girl clutching a white rabbit doll was looking at him and asking if he's ok. Now being able to stand on his feet, the girl decides to take the man to her nearby grandmother's home. The voice tells him to follow the girl, but first he pulls an officers' saber out from the pile of dead leaves and sheathes the sword.

A short time later, they exit the woods behind a humble farm and the girl excitedly tells her grandmother about who she had found in the woods and that it was just like "she" had said. The girl's grandmother was shocked to see the state the man was in and decides to fully nurse the man back to health. Just before she was about to take the man inside her house, he fell unconscious. Later on, as the man is resting in bed, a heavy fog blankets the area, and several ghosts of children stand around the bed he is sleeping in. Suddenly, the man begins to have an out-of-body experience and roams around the house. On a table in the room in the fireplace with the young girl sleeping next to it, the man finds a tarnished silver cross and it starts to glow in his hand. He uses it to cast away three of the ghosts, but one appears in the lit fireplace and tells the man in a demonic voice that "she" is too late and to keep away from the girl he has claimed. The little girl goes to the sleeping man and says that she has to go now, that the lady from the woods is calling her. The urgent voice of the old woman speaks to the man again, saying that the girl is in great danger. He awakens in fright and confusion. The girl's grandmother is in the room at the foot of the bed, and he asks where the girl has gone. She calms him and explains the situation while introducing herself as Bess Weaver. The man is unable to remember his own name due to the gunshot wound across the side of his head. Bess takes it upon herself to give him the temporary name Lazarus, comparing him to the biblical figure. He accepts it and begins to sit up in the bed and asks about his uniform. Bess had supposedly burned it due to being caked in dirt and blood. Instead, she had given Lazarus clothes that once belonged to her son, Jimmy, before he died of mysterious circumstances in 1881, though Bess strongly believes it was the woods that killed him. Lazarus is reluctant and feels bad about wearing the clothes, but Bess insists and wants him to repay her by finding Robin and bringing her back home. A search party is being formed later on in the day and she says that they're all heading to their deaths. She continuously begs and explains the danger the woods pose and that he's the only one that can save her. Eventually Lazarus agrees much to her relief. As a final gift, she gives him the pistol that Jimmy had bought just before he died and is allowed to rummage around the house for anything that'll help in his search. She recommends going out behind the barn and practice firing the gun on some cans. Making his way outside behind the barn after picking up the pistol, he fires at three cans perched on a fence and after hitting the third can, he falls to the ground unconscious.

Flashback - October 23, 1863

A memory has resurfaced from within Lazarus' mind. 23 years prior in the midst of the Civil War, Lt. Robert MacNichol had been released from a hospital after surviving the Battle of Gettysburg and had just gotten orders to meet up with a supply unit in Burkittsville, Maryland. He is writing in a journal to his fiancé, Anne Forrester, about his current situation and plans to mail the journal to her once it is filled and promises to marry her once the war is over. After walking for some time, he arrives at what would eventually become the Weaver farm, but it is vacant and abandoned and a few Confederate soldiers are prowling the area to raid for supplies. After dispatching them all, he decides to report his findings to the Major in town.

Present time - 1886

Lazarus reawakens to the sound of Bess' concerned voice. After affirming that he is alright, he wants to hurry into town and find Robin, believing she is the key to unlocking his memory. As parting advice, she tells him about a young man in town named Peter Durant, and that he could tell him everything he needed to know about the local area. Lastly, she warns him again about joining with the search party. Lazarus departs from the farm and walks the road that leads into town, before getting there, he is abruptly attacked by a few Demon Dogs that block his way. Once on the edge of town, Lazarus meets up with a team of six men, Peter Durant is the first to greet him. Some of the men are unsure or untrusting of him as he is a stranger to the area and showed up around the time Robin disappeared. He was still offered to join but declined and wanted to look for the girl on his own. Parson Vance, the town pastor, approached Lazarus and wanted to meet up and talk about the church once the situation with Robin was over. Suddenly, Lazarus began to feel lightheaded and groaned. Peter stepped in and told the group to go ahead with the search so he could take care of the man and send him out later on. They both walk inside the library and Peter tells Lazarus to not mind what the men are saying and that tensions are just high because of resurfaced superstitions about the woods being haunted. But before Lazarus could sit and rest, he faints, and another memory comes rushing back.

Flashback - October 24, 1863

Another old memory has come back, Lazarus, then named Robert MacNichol, is sitting in the library 23 years prior writing in his journal and awaiting to speak to his commanding officer. Soon after, he's called in and reports to Major Thomas Belling. He explains to Robert that he is needed to lead a small squad of men near the woods not far from the town to report on the activities of the rebel foragers and dispatch them if necessary. Robert is reluctant to be sent on an assignment so soon after the battle of Gettysburg but pulls himself together after being directly ordered and leaves immediately. He walks just outside the library and meets the men under his command: Private Mosley, Private "Skunk" Moore, and Corporal Newhouse.

Present time - 1886

Lazarus comes back to reality at the sound of Peter's concerned voice. After a short conversation about his involvement with the Weaver's and the peculiar history of Burkittsville, Lazarus heads to the outskirts of town to continue his search. He comes to a disassembled railroad crossing and finds an old lantern in a small shack. After picking it up, the ghosts of two Confederate soldiers hover towards him.

Flashback - October 24, 1863

After setting out to the town outskirts, Robert and his small group of men come across Rebel soldiers tearing up a section of railroad tracks. They quietly spread out and take firing positions to ambush the Rebels. After killing them all, Pvt. "Skunk" spots one last Rebel retreating into the woods and gives chase.

Present time - 1886

After some time, Lazarus wakes from his unconsciousness and find an old, withered man standing close by and asking if he is alright. Lazarus asks who the man is, and the old man introduces himself as Steuben, a blind hermit that immigrated to the area years ago and built himself a house in the woods close to an old cemetery. He encourages Lazarus to go look for Robin in the woods but just thinks she's just lost and not in any real danger, but since it is close to sunset that Lazarus may have to spend the night in the woods. However, Steuben promised that if she ever came by his house that he'd send her home. Suddenly after their conversation, soft crying could be heard, and Robin is seen running into the woods and Lazarus quickly follows behind with Rebel ghosts attempting to block his path. Lazarus reaches a small ravine not far within the forest and hears a child giggle and rocks falling off from the edge of the ravine.

Flashback - October 24, 1863

Robert and his men come across a small group of Rebels fighting from within the ravine. After killing them all, Robert checks the bodies for information and ammunition. Afterward, they march on deeper into the forest and cross a small creek.

Present time - 1886

After his memory fades, Lazarus comes upon the same creek he once passed. Soon after, he spots Robin and draws him deeper into the dark forest, more ghosts appear to attack him, and in a foggy clearing Lazarus comes face to face with a monstrous old hag.

Flashback - October 24, 1863

Robert and his group chase a lone rebel to an even larger group that have been scattered throughout the trees with demon dogs also attacking. They spread out and hunt them all down one by one. Afterward, there was only one survivor being surrounded by the group. The man was deathly afraid for his life of some unseen force and the very forest itself, claiming the woods were alive. Suddenly, the Rebel soldier was possessed by a supernatural force, hovering off the ground and an old womans voice spoke through him to deliver a dire warning to Robert. As suddenly as it happened, the voice stopped, and the man dropped dead. All the men were shocked and confused at what they heard and witnessed and began questioning Robert.

Present time - 1886

Immediately after the flashing memory, the old hag began to attack. She proved difficult to kill, for when she took damage to the point of almost dying, she would cast a ward spell that protected her, and she healed her wounds. However, Lazarus finds a magic necklace that was near where he first encountered her and picked it up. His cross began to glow bright as its power was now enhanced, able to bind the old hag for a brief moment to immobilize and prevent her spellcasting. It gave Lazarus the advantage he needed to kill her quickly. After leaving the area, Robin appears again and leads him to a small wooden bridge that would allow him to cross the small creek.

Flashback - October 24, 1863

After the encounter with the possessed soldier, the squad of men came to the small wooden bridge to briefly rest, Robert takes the time to write in his journal about experience he and his men had witnessed. Pvt. "Skunk" askes about the subject of what happened, and the men start to speculate among themselves. Soon after, some noises could be heard from across the creek and Newhouse takes it upon himself to calmly investigate. Once walking halfway across the bridge, a pale ghostly hand appeared above the water and attacked Newhouse, knocking him into the water. All the men panic and cross the creek, shooting at more ghostly hands to allow them passage. After getting to the other side, they conclude that Newhouse is dead and won't be coming back. Robert decides to move further up the trail to set up camp for the night and return to town in the morning.

Present time - 1886

Lazarus once again rises from his unconsciousness, and after getting to his feet he crosses the bridge in the same manner as he did before. Walking a bit further up the trail, he runs into the search party from town. Most of the men are thrilled to see he finally was able to meet up with them. Tom, one of the search members, draws attention to the ground at the men's feet, finding a bundle of "smudge sticks" as they're called by the native people of the area, intended to ward off evil spirits. Pastor Vance recommends destroying them for reasons of blasphemy and idolatry, but Tom waves it off as someone's way of scaring them, commenting that there haven't been any natives living in the area for almost 75 years, thinking Robin's abductor must have planted it. He told Lazarus sarcastically that he could keep them in case he runs into any spooks. Another one of the members, Andy, accused Lazarus of being an accomplice as his sudden arrival to the area coincided with the girl's disappearance, but Pastor Vance stood for him. Lazarus decided to instead continue searching on his own. Lastly, he asks the men if they know anything about Steuben, Tom answers adamantly twice that nobody by that name lives in the area. The group decides to part ways so they can search for a little longer before dark. Lazarus picks up the bundled herbs before moving on to a deeper and darker part of the forest. Animated stickmen and ghosts block his path further down the trail. Some of the stickmen can be destroyed permanently, others can reconstruct after being dismantled. He continues on till he comes to a clearing where a very old campsite and hovering above the firepit was the ghost of Pvt. Mosely.

Flashback - October 24, 1863

Robert and his two remaining men are sitting around a campfire as he writes in his journal about losing Cpl. Newhouse and suspecting that the woods are indeed alive. "Skunk" is polishing his bugle in case of using it to call for help. Meanwhile, Mosely is extremely nervous, but Robert reassures him. Suddenly, the fire goes out and the area around them goes pitch black for a few seconds, Mosely begins to panic. Once the light returns, the ghost of Newhouse attacks and kills Mosely from behind and moves in closer to attack his two former comrades. Together they quickly dispatch the ghost, but "Skunk" is greatly distressed after the experience and starts to panic.

Present time - 1886

Lazarus is still standing close to the old firepit after his memory and sees "Skunk's" bugle mysteriously laying in the center. A few stickmen form nearby, and Lazarus quickly grabs the instrument. He runs from the campsite and finds himself within the very heart of the dark forest. Before him in the clearing stands a lone tree with four red bags hanging from its withered branches. Many ghosts and stickmen start to appear and confront Lazarus endlessly. He soon figures out to shoot the bags and spills their gory, putrid contents, finally stopping his attackers and clearing the way forward. He comes to a crossing by the creek and the ghosts of Newhouse and Mosely briefly attack. Lodged into a nearby stump, Lazarus finds an axe and uses this new heavy weapon to progress forward by chopping down a dead tree over the creek while being attacked by stickmen. After crossing, he finds his way to a very large clearing and up on a hill was the old graveyard Steuben had mentioned. He even finds the old man near the entrance by a grave. Steuben was aware of his presence and knew who it was and asked if he had found Robin yet. Lazarus denies that he has found her and comments that the woods are preferring he didn't find her. The old man scoffs and reassures him not to believe the local stories about the woods being haunted. They both hear noises of movement close by, and Steuben asks what it was. Lazarus thought he would know as the old man said he was an expert on the woods.

Flashback - October 25, 1863

At the base of the hill, Robert is writing another entry in his journal. "Skunk" is nervous and eager to move on so they can find a way out. Robert finishes quickly and "Skunk" heads up the hill, horrified that he's discovered a graveyard. He begins to panic once again and then the ghosts of Newhouse and Mosely appear before them. This proved too much for "Skunk" and fled in fear, leaving his commanding officer alone to fight the ghosts. The encounter was brief, Lazarus walked to a nearby empty grave and on the headstone was his full name, as well as the years of his birth and death. The old woman voice that was urging him since the beginning was telling him to hurry as there was little time left.

Present time - 1886

The voice urges him on, but before he can leave the graveyard several demon dogs attack. After killing them all, Lazarus goes to the grave where Robin's white rabbit doll was and dug it up, the only thing within the earth was a skeleton arm. He picked up both the arm and doll then proceeded to quickly leave down the trail that led away from the graveyard. The path ahead was being guarded by demon dogs, stickmen and ghosts alike, as well as small soul cairns that were scattered around and wound do damage if stepped upon. Lazarus pushed ahead, eventually coming to the area that held the infamous Coffin Rock. It was there that he discovered a horrific scene. At the base of the rock was Steuben, on the rock itself was the search party, all the men had been bound hand to foot in a pentagon and ritualistically disemboweled with arcane symbols carved into their skin while still momentarily alive, and Robin Weaver herself was in the center of the men, possessed by the dark spirit, Hecaitomix. He plans to transfer the remainder of his essence into the girl and use her as a strong physical vessel, however she is draining his energy faster than he anticipated. He orders Steuben to go to his house and prepare a portal. The old man reaffirms that if he performs this task that the dark spirit would grant him sight and the power to control the minds of men. Hecaitomix has promised to reward his willing servant and urges him to go. Steuben gives thanks and takes his leave, using the caves and tunnels beneath Coffin Rock. For a brief moment, Robin fought back and was able to plead for help, saying she was tricked into coming. The dark spirit retook control and boasted to Lazarus that he had arrived too late and can't be stopped, threatening to have Lazarus like he took his men.

Flashback - October 25, 1863

After leaving the graveyard, Robert was looking for his lone surviving squad member, "Skunk", who had run off in fear. His searching led him to Coffin Rock, where he could hear the hysterical ravings of his comrade coming from the caves underneath the rock. After walking a short way inside, he found his Private in an extreme state of panic and paranoia. The man took aim at Robert with his rifle, telling him to keep away, believing that the demon dogs had already killed his commanding officer. Robert affirms that it is him and pulls rank, ordering "Skunk" to put down his weapon. He refuses and rambles about an old woman that had tried to sneak up on him. She told "Skunk" that she had died in the caves and that he was going to die in them too. After exclaiming that "he showed her", the fearful man shot at Robert, grazing him deep across the head and falling unconscious, leaving "Skunk" to his fate.

Present time - 1886

Within the magic circle on the rock, the possessed girl carries a large wooden bowl in her hands and begins walking to each of the mutilated men. Confused and horrified, they were all still alive as she collected blood from their open bellies. Hecaitomix was proclaiming his victory, saying Lazarus is already dead and making a vague reference to a "she" and that this person had taken him from the dark spirit but was too late. Nearby, the ghosts of all three of his former comrades manifested and beckoning Lazarus to join them. Racing against time, Lazarus quickly explores the area and finds four large and glowing soul cairns, each one guarded by the spirit of a child under the control of Hecaitomix. Along his journey, Lazarus had collected four significant items: an old lantern, bundled herbs, a bugle, and a skeletal arm. Each item was placed at the base of the appropriate cairn, releasing the spirit guarding it and disabling the magic circle. The dark spirit was temporarily suppressed, and Lazarus raced back to Coffin Rock to place the rabbit doll at Robin's feet. The girl picked it up and said that she couldn't hold him back long. He hurries and without hesitation, picks up the wooden bowl from the rock to drink the blood. The voice of Hecaitomix panics and demands the man to not prevent his coming. Lazarus clutched his head and remembers his name, saying it and defying the demon. The full essence of Hecaitomix had now been transferred to Lazarus and he collapses to the ground. Robin is concerned, but Lazarus tells her to run and return to her grandmother. After getting back on his feet, Hecaitomix is devastatingly furious and tells Lazarus that he can't contain his essence for more than a few minutes before it destroys him. Suddenly, Steuben briefly walks up to the base of the rock and through the power of Hecaitomix, transforms into a grotesque and drooling beast called the Schnell Geist (or Snally Gaster as it would eventually be known as by locals) and leaves by running into the caves beneath Coffin Rock. Lazarus pursues closely behind, but upon entering the caves, several magic barriers block his progress. He kills all the ghosts and demon dogs in each section of cave to remove the barriers and continues on down the dark tunnel. The very end of the tunnel is connected to the basement of Steuben's house, the very house that would become a terrible legend in years to come. The ghosts of children wander around everywhere but do not attack. Lazarus makes his way up to the first floor and calls out Steuben in one of the main rooms. Steuben, in the form of the Schnell Geist, bursts through a wall and attacks quickly. The fight was short but brutal, Lazarus had gunned down the beast, and after it collapsed to the floor the body exploded and transformed back into Steuben. The old man was distraught at what Lazarus had done, however, before he could say another word, Lazarus drew his saber and thrust it deep into the abdomen of Steuben. He fell to the floor dying in pain and defeat as Lazarus stood over him silently.

Flashback - October 27, 1863

Resting on a bed in an unknown location, Robert awakens to the voice of an old woman telling him that all is fine and that he's in a place of healing. Upon seeing her, Robert recognizes her as Bess Weaver. She asks him to remain calm, but he is greatly confused. She reassures him again that he is going to be just fine.


Lazarus was a former soldier in the Civil War and is more than capable of using any tool or weapon he comes across.

  • Model 1850 Foot Officer's Sword: A steel saber given to officers of Lazarus' rank; this trusty weapon remained by his side throughout his journey. It's a short-range melee weapon, but its light and fast in the hand that can easily hit with follow up attacks.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 3: A gift to Lazarus from Bess Weaver. This firearm was previously owned by her son, Jimmy, before he died. Being the only projectile weapon Lazarus carries he still uses it effectively. It has decent range and damage but can only fire six shots before it has to be reloaded. (Although described as a Colt pistol, this is incorrect. During the flashbacks to the Civil war, he would have used a Colt 1860 Army revolver.)
  • Cross: A tarnished silver cross found by Lazarus in the Weaver home. It is a mystical object somehow imbued with magic power. It has the capability of stunning and damaging ghosts by blasting a wave of magical energy in a radius of a few meters, as well is having a binding effect on some other supernatural creatures. When paired with the magic necklace found in the forest, its power increases. There is a short charge time of three seconds before the cross can reach its maximum damage and range.
  • Axe: Found deep within the forest, this weapon is capable of chopping down trees and into opponents. It has the same range as the saber but does a little more damage at the cost of being heavier and slower to swing.
  • Lantern: A handy tool for illuminating dark areas to see more clearly what lies ahead.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although a strong and very capable man with an iron will, Lazarus does not possess any notable powers or abilities.


  • The ultimate fate of Lazarus is heavily ambiguous. It is unknown if he succumbed to the essence of Hecaitomix or continued to live for some time. The older Robin Weaver had kept his old uniform that was supposedly burned by her grandmother and claimed that he could come back again. Even the very process of his transformation from Robert to Lazarus is unknown. Either he died of his bullet wound in the cave and was resurrected from the dead to side with the claim of Hecaitomix killing him or he was on the brink of death and was nursed back to health by Bess Weaver.
  • It is possible that Lazarus was able to go forward in time due to a “convergence” as Asgaya had explained in Blair Witch Vol. 1, either by complete accident or outside interference.



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