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Mortton Sign

Mortton is a small swamp town in Louisiana, USA. The town is surrounded by a huge wall, the Wall of Fortitude. The building of this wall started in 1873, and ended in 1888. Mortton has its own Church and a graveyard that houses Termaine Mausoleum. The ghetto, town hall, Beauregard house and the Colonial powerplant are in a relatively good conditions, but the rest of the town and Toby's General Store is flooded by the surrounding swamp.

The population in 1933 was only 14 people. During the initial maraisreq attack on the town there were few survivors: Gorham, Jean Sigmon, Kazi, unnamed survivor, a teenaged girl and her father. Other people had been eaten by the maraisreq, or turned into diseased or mutates. Brimstone Society dispatched two agents, Mynce and Rayne to investigate and destroy the maraisreq. Rayne destroyed the maraisreq nests and their queen that was summoned by Marassa and Jürgen Wulf.