Mynce BloodRayne
“You make me proud.”
Gender: Female
Race: Dhampir
Place of birth: Tibet
Date of death: 1938
Place of death: Nazi Germany
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Brimstone Society
Gegengeist Gruppe (Undercover)
Profession(s): Assassin
Brimstone Society Agent
Double Agent
G.G.G. Officer
Position(s): Oberscharführer (High Commander)
Previous position(s): Mentor
Previous partner(s): Rayne
Personal status
Status: Deceased (in BloodRayne)
Active (in Tibetan Hights)
Game(s): BloodRayne
Comic(s): BloodRayne: Tibetan Hights
BloodRayne: Red Blood Run
BloodRayne: Automaton
English voice: Mary Beth Brooks
Japanese voice: Tomoko Shiota

Mynce is a main character from the original BloodRayne, a dhampir who served as Rayne's mentor and friend.

Appearance Edit

Mynce is a beautiful female Tibetan dhampir with light colored skin, dark eyes and black hair. She wears a skintight maroon outfit with only her face, ample cleavage and thighs exposed; and black leather thigh high boots.

She lastly wears black eyeliner and maroon lipstick. Despite being biologically immortal, she has the appearance of a woman in her 30’s.

In the Tibetan Heights comic, Mynce is resurrected and returns to Brimstone as a young seven year old girl. She looks just like her previous older self, just younger.

Personality Edit

Unlike the student placed under her wing by Brimstone, Mynce is nearly always calm and collected, holds no anger in her heart and is fully respectful. She never seems to clash with Rayne and upholds an air of wisdom. She is quite clever and skilled, happy to teach Rayne what she knows and praises her accordingly. She’s very proud of Rayne as her student and friend.


Mynce, like Rayne, is a Dhampir: the offspring of a Vampire and a human, but much of her own past is shrouded in mystery, including how she was brought into Brimstone. Though Mynce is a fair amount older and more experienced than her pupil, she taught the younger Rayne how to use her innate abilities and served as her partner and mentor on Brimstone Society missions and training.



Mynce devoured

Mynce devoured by Maraisreq

In the game's introductory chapter, set in Mortton Louisiana in 1933, after slaying many mutated humans and strange demonic creatures, Mynce is caught unawares from behind and swallowed whole by a creature called a Maraisreq, which escapes before Rayne can kill it. She swears vengeance and follows them to find and kill the Maraisreq queen, exterminating the race and avenging her friend.

However, in the game's third act, set years later in a castle in Germany, Rayne discovers that the mysterious second-in-command of the Gegengeist Gruppe, the Nazi organization she has been sent to destroy, is an alive-and-well Mynce, who somehow survived the seemingly fatal encounter with the Maraisreq five years previously. When Rayne confronts her, instead of offering an explanation of how she survived and why she is suddenly a Nazi, Mynce taunts and attacks her, eventually Mynce seemingly dies again falling down into a chasm.

Rayne suprised

Rayne is surprised to see Mynce alive

As it turns out, the dhampir had escaped death again; she appears to Rayne later on and reveals that she was in fact a double agent, placed within the G.G.G. by the Brimstone Society to gather information on their activities. Rayne did not believe her at first, but then Mynce further explained that she was the one who saved Rayne’s life after Wulf left her for dead and unconscious in Louisiana, lead her to the target file in Germany, and has been her informant the entire time. To prove her story, Mynce reveals that she has killed several of the officer's on Rayne's hit list and gives her their bloody name plates as souvenirs.

Mynce killed by Wulf

Mynce killed by Wulf

Joining forces again, the dhampirs search the castle for Jürgen Wulf, the evil leader of the G.G.G. Unfortunately, they walk into a trap and are separated by a portcullis, at which point Wulf uses his superhuman strength and speed to surprise-attack Mynce, easily overpowering her and tearing out her heart, making it pretty clear that she was really dead this time. Once more, Rayne swears revenge and once more, she gets it, murdering Wulf in the climactic boss fight.

BloodRayne: Tibetan HeightsEdit

Mynce returns once again, but is resurrected as a seven year old girl that spoke Tibetan. She had found her way to the Brimstone Society on her own, guided by memories of her past life. She somehow felt familiar with Rayne and they embraced each other. She was given a home at Brimstone and is protected by her former student.


  • Blades: She carries her own pair of steel blades. Unlike Rayne’s, they are not fixed to her forearms and have handles on the side of blades. They have no magic properties and are half the length of Rayne’s. They can be placed in sheaths strapped to the side of her boots when not in use.
  • Chain Harpoon: Mynce has her own harpoon placed under her left wrist. It functions in every way to the one she gifted to Rayne.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a dhampir, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina. Like Rayne, she can also regain health if she drinks blood. At the time when she was teaching Rayne, she could do almost everything her student could, but had some abilities Rayne did not have.

  • Super Speed: She easily outpaced Rayne considerably at the time she was her mentor.
  • Resurrection: After seemingly dying twice - once in Louisiana and the other in Germany - Mynce showed an ability to come back from death and in perfect health after a short time. But once her heart was pulled out by Jurgen Wulf, it appears she stayed dead. In the comics, Mynce resurrected again but as a young girl with memories of her past life.

Skills Edit

  • Master Assassin
  • Master Infiltrator
  • Supernatural Slayer
  • Blade Proficiency 
  • Tactician
  • Espionage Proficiency
  • Multilingual
  • Chain Harpoon Proficiency
  • Double Agent
  • Knowledge of the Supernatural/Occult
  • Mentor




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