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Maraisreq Queen

Mother of the Underworld
Gender: Female
Race: Maraisreq
Date of death: 1933
Place of death: Boat Graveyard,Mortton, Louisiana, United States of America
Professional status
Position(s): Queen
Personal status
Relatives: Maraisreq
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne

Queen of the Underworld is the "mother" of the Maraisreq.


Being similar to her children but vastly larger in scale; the Queen is a 40 foot tall monster Maraisreq with an upright posture, brownish yellow skin, six spider-like legs, two raptorial front limbs similar to a praying mantis, and a birthing pouch on the belly where she gives birth to live young.


According to Mynce from what research she was able to gather, the plague of the Maraisreq has been deeply embedded in the known history of the Mortton area. The fear of them dating back to the earliest french settlers in the 18th century. The Queen is the source of it all, and every 30 years she reproduces a swarm of young. In 1873, the town experienced a dark year that was so terrible they began a construction product of a 30 foot tall stone wall that stretches across the entire town, construction was completed in 1888. Presumably, for the next 45 years the Queen and her young were kept at bay. Once again in 1933, the Maraisreq were able to somehow able to breach the wall and critically devastate the town’s population.


The Queen was raised from the Underworld by Marassa, a self-proclaimed voodoo priestess. Somehow, a rib of Beliar was merged inside body. Rayne first saw the Queen in the boat graveyard area of Mortton, Louisiana. Rayne, utterly shocked at the size of the creature, fights and kills it. After the queen collapses, Rayne finds the glowing ribs of Beliar in its digestive system. Rayne not knowing about Beliar or Jürgen Wulf, investigates and pulls it out. The rib forces itself inside Rayne’s chest, then she too collapses. After an unknown time, Jürgen Wulf comes to Rayne and uses the hand of Beliar to rip the rib from Rayne, almost killing her.

Powers and abilities[]

This monster is the mother of all Maraisreq and is more powerful than the generic ones, due to the sheer size of the creature. She can birth full grown Maraisreq out of the pouch in its abdomen to assist her in battle and attack at medium range dealing heavy damage with her mantis front limbs and enormous gaping maw.

Tactical information[]

Queen of the Underground appears only after you reach the place where voodoo ritual was performed, so before you go to the waypoint, search the area for weapons and - if you are low on energy - replenish your health by feeding on diseased humans wandering around. When you feel you are ready, enter the fight.

Due to her size and height on which her body is situated, both standard attacks and even Bloodrage are useless here, as are lighter firearms. The Queen, besides of having a high level of health, deals quite a lot of damage with her biting and clawing attacks. What's more, she constantly gives birth to new Maraisreq (much like Maraisreq nests), that will aid her in the battle. Her only weakness is her vulnerable legs, that will be cut off by Rayne's blades after few hits, causing the Queen to fall. However, severed limbs will regenerate, allowing her to stand up after a short while. Have bloodrage full and use it immediately once she’s down to shred through most of her health.

Finding Special weapons, either a shotgun or heavy machine gun, will aid greatly in the fight. A shotgun is the better choice, as the blast spreads out there will be a higher chance to sever a limb. On rare occasion if in the right position, a shot from this weapon can blast off the Queens head and end the fight immediately without the need for attacking with blades up close.


  • Upon defeating Queen of the Underworld on the PS4/PS5 and Steam remastered versions of BloodRayne, you earn the trophy "Big Momma".



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