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Rayne's mother

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Professional status
Personal status
Relatives: Rayne (Daughter)
Unknown family relatives
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne - Mention only
BloodRayne 2 - Mention only

An unnamed woman was a human woman; who was raped; by Kagan. She was also the mother of Rayne.


An unnamed woman was the human mother of the Rayne. She was raped; by the vampire, Kagan and later gave birth to Rayne. Some years later, according to Rayne; she was driven insane; by Kagan, then she and her whole family were murdered; by him, so that; the only person Rayne could turn to was him. Kagan did not consider it to be cruelty, but a policy for all of the dhampir he "created".

65 years later after a failed attempt at killing Kagan and denied her vengeance, Rayne discovered that; Kagan was still alive; when she tasted a blood sample after he was wounded; by one of his daughters, Ferril. After killing her remaining evil siblings, Rayne tracked Kagan to his tower and they fought in the throne room were she killed Kagan and avenged her mother, and her family's death.


  • This woman is only mentioned in both games.
  • A different version of her mother appears in the movie BloodRayne.