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Scat Dazzle

“They’re not voodoo zombies. None of my magic works on them”.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 46
Date of birth: 1896
Place of birth: Louisiana
Date of death: Various times
1942 (latest)
Place of death: Various
Spookhouse HQ, Washington, D.C. (latest)
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Spookhouse
Profession(s): Field Operative
Previous profession(s): Jazz Musician
Partner(s): Baron Samedi
The Stranger
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): Nocturne
English voice: John Galt

Scat Dazzle is a secondary character of the game, Nocturne.

He is an agent of Spookhouse, an organization that protects the United States from supernatural threats domestically and all around the world.


Scat is a tall, light skinned African American man with a clean-shaven face and small mustache.

He wears an all-white suit with a matching white fedora.


Scat is calm and friendly, seemingly never breaking his demeanor. Even with the number of times he’s died and been revived - which has happened many times - it doesn't seem to bother him a great deal.


Scat Dazzle was born deep in the Louisiana bayous. He was marked as a special child, a magic child, in the small, voodoo-worshipping community in which he was raised. He was groomed to be a powerful houngan, or voodoo priest, from very early childhood. The practiced mambas and houngans dedicated him to the service of Baron Samedi, a powerful voodoo Loa, a sort of god, when he grew in maturity and power.

However, he had other ideas. He fell in love with jazz when he was seven. He harbored in his heart the secret dream of becoming a musician and left for New Orleans the day he turned eleven. Living on the streets, he hung around blues bars and speak-easies, pestering the musicians and working tirelessly until he was more or less adopted by the burgeoning jazz community. Over the years, he became one of the finest Dixieland trumpeters in the American South.

Despite his efforts to turn his back on the ways of voodoo, his birthright would not be denied. On Dazzle’s eighteenth birthday, Baron Samedi violently seized control of Dazzle’s body during an onstage jazz performance and forced him to flee the speak-easy in which he was playing, which was firebombed by racketeers immediately afterward. The club burned to the ground. There were no other survivors.

Following the initial manifestation, Baron Samedi appeared to Dazzle more frequently. The services, for which Baron Samedi required Dazzle’s body, were variable in nature. More than once, Scat was required to kill. Eventually, Dazzle gained enough control of his faculties to resist Baron Samedi’s total control. Their two personalities began to merge somewhat, and now each has some control over the other. Dazzle can summon the Baron at will, but depending on his strength level, cannot always control him.


In 1931, Scat Dazzle was sent to investigate a possible zombie outbreak in Redeye, Texas. He tried to send a telegram to confirm the situation, but the lines were down. He was on the roof of the town church to defend it when the roof collapsed under his feet. He died upon hitting the ground. When Spookhouse did not hear from him, they sent Hiram and Stranger to meet up with him. Werewolves attacked them on the train they were arriving on, and Hiram got killed. The werewolves sabotaged the engine, and Stranger jumped to save his own life. He later woke and made his way into town with the Pastor. Stranger was led to the body of Scat Dazzle and was very annoyed. He proceeded to gather rum for a ritual to summon Baron Samedi and demanded to revive Scat. The Baron proceeded to momentarily tease Stranger before reviving his host. Scat woke up from death and needed time to regain his strength. He decided to defend the church as Stranger searches for survivors. After finding them all, Stranger is informed about an abandoned mine that could be the source of the zombies. An ancient temple filled with equally ancient creatures was deep below the surface, including a slumbering Elder God. The eldritch-being was intent on making the Stranger its newest High Priest, but Scat and Baron Samedi came to help as the Stranger used a binding stone to seal the Elder God. They escaped the mine, and Scat planned to order a containment team to seal off the mine permanently.

In 1942 The Stranger finds Spookhouse HQ infiltrated and its members killed, including him (dead or missing ? Because he is possesses by baron samedi).


  • Colt 1873 Single Action Army Revolver: The sole weapon Scat carries with him. It has a standard Spookhouse laser-sight attached to it.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Voodoo Magic: Raised to be a powerful voodoo priest, Scat is an expert in the knowledge and casting of voodoo magic.
  • Summon Baron Samedi: The powerful Loa is bound to Scat Dazzle and learned to control his power. Summoning him at will, Scat can command the Baron to cast bolts of lightning at his enemies. And if Scat is to unexpectedly die, Baron Samedi can be summoned by an outsider to revive Scat in perfect health.


  • Voodoo Expert
  • Adept Marksman
  • Expert Trumpeter


Being only a mortal man, Scat Dazzle possesses every vulnerability humans have. But all wounds and his death can be negated if Baron Samedi is summoned to revive him.



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