Sigmund and Simon Krieger

Sigmund and Simon Kreiger
Name: Sigmund Krieger and Simon Krieger
Alias: The Doppelgänger Twins
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of death: Nazi Germany
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Nazi Germany
Gegengeist Gruppe
Position(s): Wehrmachtbefelshaber (Senior Armed Forced Commanders)
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne
English voice:  ?
Japanese voice: Rintarō Nishi
Shirō Saitō

Sigmund and Simon Krieger, also known as the Doppelgänger Twins, are narcissistic twins.


They are born through experimental means. Conjoined at the arm at birth, they were later separated, resulting in each of them having only one arm. Rayne follows Hedrox, but she runs into them. They flirt with Rayne while fighting her. Depending on which twin the player kills, a slightly different death scene will play. Many fans prefer Sigmund's death scene where he asks Rayne to tell him her name as a last request.


They are a pair of narcissistic identical twins. The twins were quite intrigued by Rayne's beauty, skill and sharp tongue and seemed more interested in courting her than killing her; openly flirting with Rayne while fighting her.


They are young and good looking men with only one mutate arm. You can easily tell Sigmund and Simon apart from each other, Simon's voice is higher pitched, and Sigmund has a blind eye.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Each twin fights with a throwing swastika that serves as both a melee weapon and a boomerang; likewise they have unnatural speed, shown in the room where Rayne fought them in. They are strong enough to slaughter a horde of feral vampires, though they fall quickly to Rayne's blade. Interestingly enough, when one of the twins is harmed, the other one will suffer damage in the same place where the first was hurt. When one of them was killed by Rayne, the other died as well as being mortally wounded.



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