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G. Gosler atop a Super Tank

The Unholy Mecha - also known as the Super Tank - was powerful mobile armor that was created by G. Gosler for the Gegengeist Gruppe. They were mainly used in Castle Gaustadt to fight against the feral vampires.


Essentially a turret mounted on bipedal mechanical legs that can be controlled by a single pilot. The strong legs can cover rough and rugged terrain at a decent speed and stomp enemies. The main turret can quickly rotate 360° and the two weapons turrets can rotate more than 90° and can aim automatically at high or low angles. The armor itself can withstand a good amount of punishment and continue operating functionally, but prolonged damage from explosives and bullets will destroy it and kill the pilot inside.


The Super Tank is built with three main weapons.

  • Chaingun: A large six-barreled gatling gun on the left side with a high rate of fire. It can continuously fire for a few moments before it stops and overheats, after a moment it can fire again.
  • Rocket Launcher: Two rocket pods on the right side with explosives equal to the Panzerschreck. They can only be fired one at a time, and after a brief moment the turret will be ready to fire again.
  • Grenade Launcher: On the left side of the main turret is a triple-tubed launcher that shoots three consecutive grenades in an arc a relatively short distance in front of the tank before exploding seconds later. After three have been shot, there is a brief reload time.