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Voicu Jr.

"Who dares enter the realm of Count Voicu?"
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Age: 100+
Place of birth: Germany
Date of death: 1927
Place of death: Castle Gaustadt Dungeon
Professional status
Personal status
Relatives: Voicu Sr. (Father)
Status: Deceased
Game(s): Nocturne

Voicu Jr. is the main antagonist and son of the vampire lord, Voicu Sr., in the first episode of the game Nocturne.


Voicu Jr. is fairly typical vampire with very pale skin, bald head, pointed ears and large protruding fangs.

He wears only a black double-buttoned vest under a black dress coat.


He is a very ambitious and scheming vampire. Hungry for power as well as domination, he's willing to use whatever methods to achieve his goals and let no one stand in his way, not even his own even more powerful father.


Much of the younger Voicu's past is unknown, as is his exact age and where he was born. His most significant point in time was that about a century prior to 1927, he had managed to separate his father from the ancient artifact known as the Yathfoe-Gyoule stone and overpower him. Now the new lord of the castle, he banished his father and his retainers to the town of Falkenburg. As time passed, he tried to unlock the secrets of the stones powers on his own but was unsuccessful, as only his father knew the only proper method. He could not kill his father until he knew the secret and a civil war was waged between the two vampires until Spookhouse decided to investigate and attempt to receive the artifact in 1927.



The first act takes place in 1927, The Stranger and Svetlana Lupescu are signed to work together on a mission. They are tasked with going to the remote Castle Gaustadt in Germany to recover a powerful artifact called the Yathfoe-Gyoule stone (also known as the Yathgy), the “holy grail” of the Vampire world. It’s rumored to grant the Vampire who wields it complete immunity to all their weaknesses and increased power. They both eventually make it to the castle by passing through the village of Falkenburg after ridding it of Sentinels and getting information from the mayor, and the nearby Werewolf-infested forest. Once reaching the castle and splitting up, Svetlana ended up momentarily attacking Stranger - being mentally influenced by Count Voicu, the resident Vampire Lord in possession of the stone. He has been fully aware of their prensence since they arrived. Stranger eventually finds him in the dungeon within an underground cavern and kills the Vampire with a holy relic to his heart. He continues his search and within the sanctum, he finds a girl named Nadia that had not yet been turned into a bride by the Count, Svetlana finds the Stranger and he threatens to kill her but calms down after seeing her normal behavior return. Together they discovered the Mayor of Falkenburg is the true Vampire Lord and far too dangerous for them to fight. He reveals the Yathgy behind a tapestry, adorned on top of his crown like a jewel. He tries to persuade Svetlana to join his ranks as he would consider it an honor, but she respectfully declines his offer, saying that she has other obligations. He allows them to leave with the girl as a reward for regaining his castle and the Yathgy. Stranger is highly reluctant to let the vampire live, but concedes upon Svetlana‘s advice and returns to Spookhouse mostly empty-handed.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality: Voicu is an old and powerful vampire in his own right. He is immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means
  • Mental Control: Possibly through his own influence, he can control the minds of other vampires and even dhampirs (to a certain degree) to do his bidding.
  • Transformation: He has ability to change forms into a large bestial bat creature and fly to attack from the air.
  • Summoning: Through some unknown method, he's able to summon the Sentinels to him from a darker realm.


  • Holy Relic: The only known object that is able to kill him. It is a short staff in the shape of a cross and with a spear blade on top that was hidden in Castle Gaustadt. If stabbed through the heart, he will die instantly.



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