Xerx Mephistopheles

“It took my five long years to piece father back together. I won’t let you take him apart again!”
Name: Xerx Mephistopheles
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Date of death: November 1, 2004
Place of death: Kagan's Tower
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Profession(s): Mad scientist
Personal status
Relatives: Dariel Zerenski - Half-brother
Ephemera - Sister
Ferril - Sister
Rayne - Half-sister
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne 2
English voice: Robert Bruce Elliott

Xerx Mephistopheles is a sophisticated mad scientist who invented the Shroud and created various high-tech weapons. He is a vampire son of Kagan and Rayne’s older half-brother.


Xerx has an unusual appearance, resembling a more human-looking version of Frankenstein's monster, though there is a picture of him in Zerenski's mansion and Kagan realm looking human. Though it is unknown why Xerx looks the way he does in game, it can be surmised that this is due to him being a vampire. As with the abilities, and appearance's of his siblings being so vastly different from one another, this could be his appearance now due to that variable. However it may be that Xerx may lack the true unnatural amounts of healing possessed by his kin, thus requiring him to use other means of self repair. This, coupled with his obvious lack of combat technique, is what most likely forces him to fight Rayne using his Bio-Armor. He’s very likely the physically weakest of Kagan’s children but undoubtedly is the most intelligent.


Xerx seems to be the only offspring of Kagan which is actually loyal to him unlike his two sisters. He acts like a child whenever Kagan is around, a child happy to show his father his accomplishments, though Kagan doesn't return the feelings. Xerx does not hesitate when it comes to eradicating his father's enemies, not even when it comes to his own siblings. This is proved when he kills his sister Ferril with the Sun Gun.


He is one of Kagan's vampire children. He's the one who put Kagan back together after the detonation in 1939 in the Blood Library in France, after which Kagan was thought to be dead.


BloodRayne 2Edit

He is first seen in the game when Ephemera comes to tell him that Zerenski is dead. Xerx doesn't care and shows her the ManCow, a child of Slezz, that they can use for food. He creates The Shroud and shows it to Ferril. The Shroud can allow them to walk at day. He creates the Sun Gun and, happy, shows it to Kagan. Then, Xerx uses it to destroy helicopters and Rayne jumps and comes face-to-face with Xerx. They go to the roof and Rayne finds Ferril alive, but Xerx kills her using the Sun Gun from the bio-armor that he uses. Before Xerx dies ask Rayne why she is against the inevitable. She applies that she is wired that way and she likes the world more without him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Despite being a full vampire and a son of Kagan, Xerx on his own is very weak. He’s not fast, physically strong or has unique powers unlike his siblings. His only strength lies in his super genius intellect in science and the arcane.

  • Genius Intelligence: He’s a super genius that is responsible for the creation of the Shroud, Bio-suits and the Sun Gun. He’s also been able to revive his dead father after five years of hard work out of sheer loyalty.




BloodRayne 2
BloodRayne: Betrayal
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